No Resolve / Press

“Detroit Rockers, No Resolve, sport an anthemic brand of Alternative Rock. With solid production value and arrangements, the group is difficult to find fault with. Having toured extensively and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the genre, it will be on the group to separate themselves from the herd. Every band in this genre suffers from the “they all sound the same” criticism. That being said, it’s a harder sound to execute well than people realize. They do it well. What do you think”

“I was impressed by my first taste of Detroit’s own No Resolve, who opened the show with a hard hitting set that immediately drew the audience tighter to the stage. The crowd grabbed on to Oscar Pegorraro’s intense vocals and the band’s commitment to stage presence, fueling the group and creating a positive rocking platform for the upcoming acts.”

"One of the the most solid and entertaining rock bands in the area. High energy, quality content"

Howie "D' - The Hard Edge Radio Show

“No Resolve went on to play a solid set that came close to overshadowing the evening's other bands and proved they have what it takes to make that leap into the national spotlight.”