No Remorse For The Fallen / Press

“I first stumbled upon these guys at a concert I went to at The Silo in Reading, PA. I was stunned by their performance and energy! They put on an awesome show and left me wanting more. So, I went to the merch table to see what they had to offer. Honestly the thing that caught my attention was a sign that read “Free lap dance by JT Cage with purchase of our CD,” I was sold. I got my CD and what happened after that, well, is confidential information. The next day I found No Remorse For The Fallen on Facebook and been following them since. I recommend you get yourself to a show so you can experience what N.R.F.T.F has to offer. Buy their CD(s) and stuff! You will not be disappointed! You will actually be left in withdrawals because you will need more! I had the opportunity to talk to a few of the members and develop a friendship with them. They are real characters that take their music seriously. They love what they do and you can hear it and see it in each and every performance!”

"Some of my favorite standout bands of 2010 are: Throdl, Dick & The Deer Gutters, Deezle Church, Steve Whiteman (Funny Money/Kix), Rearview Destroyer, No Remorse for The Fallen, Dreamland Park and Sucker Punch."