Nora Eckler / Press

"Nora was accepted into the Songwriting program at Belmont University in the heart of Nashville. Already a member of NSAI and BMI, Nora will be "at home" in Nashville. She has performed at a few of the local tourist spots in Nashville and is looking forward to working with the professionals. Back at home in South Jersey, Nora has performed at many venues, including restaurants, fairs, the Susquehanna Bank Center, community events and private parties."

"It was billed as “Nashville Comes to Pitman” but it was really a homecoming for the talent. Pitman’s own emcee and comedian Jimmy “Roundboy” Graham was on top of his game keeping the audience laughing before each set. The show featured Pitman’s rising star singer/songwriter Nora Eckler with Clayton’s Sherry Lynn opening the show."

"Today, this busy senior at Pitman High School - who just released her first full length CD "Young and Free" - will headline her first concert at the Broadway Theatre of Pitman, April 13, called 'Nashville Comes to Pitman.'"

Kelly Roncace - Gloucester County Times

"When she was 9, she dreamed of writing songs for country singer Lee Ann Womack to sing for the world. But today, Nora Eckler, an 18-year-old Pitman High School senior, is putting her lyrics out to the world with her own voice through her first, full length CD, "Young and Free."

South Jersey Weekender

"Nora Eckler, of Pitman, could pass as the typical girl next door, until she picks up her guitar and begins to sing. That's when the magic begins."

The County Woman Magazine

"Nora started writing down lyrics to songs when she was old enough to write. She loved listening to Lee Ann Womack and would say she wanted to write songs for Lee Ann to sing." -Nancy Eckler

Kelly Roncace - Gloucester County Times

"A lot of people ask me how I describe my music, and I always tell them that it's plain and simply me. It's my life, and it's the sounds that I like. It's not always what's necessarily considered cool, at the time. I take my feelings and write them down on paper. I sing from my heart and I love telling my story more than anything in the world." -Nora Eckler

Kelly Roncace - Gloucester County Times