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“mr spoon in new forth-coming book "Evanescence The Novel" by Christy krepick "Also on the show, I interviewed Troy Lucketta of the band TESLA as well as his son Troy Lucketta, Jr. and his band 6 Weeks Sober. I did a little reporting back on a Joan Jett Concert one summer. I am a huge fan of Joan. I took tons of photos from the front row at this concert. Through my show The Bradshaw Chronicles I interviewed so many fantastic Indie Artists that I couldn’t mention them all but here are a few. Alexis Antes whom has played and sang with the likes of Melissa Etheridge as well as Sheryl Crow and Davin McCoy a blues artist that has worked with the likes of Chuck Leavell organ/pianist with the Rolling Stones. The band MR SPOON, with writer and singer Joel Heslop from the United Kingdom and local band Identity Crisis were a couple of my favorites." C.krepick”

“mr spoon Live interview from.. Wednesday jan 22nd 2014 \m/ on the Billy Keep it'Metal show on ... ! includes tracks from #mr_spoon "Burnt out" "Crisis Loan" & "werewolf" www.neueregelradio.com www.DarkGiftradio.com www.metaldevastationradio.com”

“Heavy Metal Hitman #1 For Mr. Spoon : How you doing tonight? Tammy \m/ mr spoon: great thanks ,well its 3am here in the u.k but hey no rest for the wicked lol kool thanks for having us on here. Heavy Metal Hitman :Thanks for joining me.. mr spoon: \m/ #2 For Mr. Spoon: For people who have never heard or seen Mr.Spoon, How do you describe your music? Tammy \m/ mr spoon: loud ! driven , melodic ,dynamic rockkkkkkkkk \m/ with retro elements thrown in for good measure ...it is what it is. Heavy Metal Hitman: Cool.. mr spoon: https://play.spotify.com/album/2RgMlch1YTM14nTkLxUEpq #3 For Mr.Spoon:What's your biggest influence in music ? Tammy \m/ mr spoon: well me personally (joel.. Guitar/vocals) some of my biggest musical influences are jimi hendrix,led zep ,the pixies,nirvana,soundgarden and so on.. our drummer boots loves the soundgarden and is quite influenced by . Matt Cameron of the soundgarden ,,our bass player neil comes more from a funk and dub background . #4 For Mr.Spoon: Which o”

“IN THE early 1990s, a certain Seattle trio broke into the mainstream with one of the most recognised and influential albums of all time. It’s nice to see that - 20 years later - its influence hasn’t died. The Temple at the Centre of Time is 32 minutes of modern British grunge, spliced together with nods to retro rock. Production may not be as polished as other records in the genre, but it reflects an authenticity that has been missing in recent years.Slow-burning numbers are balanced by high-energy, swaggering rock and roll such as Werewolf - a lengthy slice of blistering riffs and contained aggression. Mr Spoon’s softer side can be seen on Sam’s Mother, Shadow, and acoustic gem Crisis Loan, where simple harmonies intertwine with introverted and passionate lyrics. And stand-out track The Calling comes across as a bar fight between Irish rock heroes Therapy and disjointed and deranged Americans The Melvins. confirms Mr Spoon's potential as real contenders in the grunge arena”

“mr spoon in the Western Telegraph Pembrokeshire,Wales (U.K) Local newspaper paper”

“Joel.A.Heslop from Mr SpooN interview on Morbid north radio/babylon fm 7th jan 2012. featured mr spoon tracks played are "SAMS MOTER, BURNT OUT & GREED !! \m/ www.babylonfm.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Morbid-North-Radio/278342195542356”

“Well it has been far too long since Mr. Spoon has recorded. So here it is. "Burnt Out", a grungy dirty distortion trip into your evil cousins basement. I love a band that can confuse and disturb me. Having stalked Joel Aman Heslop thoroughly, he appears a perfectly sane dedicated man with a great musical passion and talent. What transforms this otherwise mild mannered guy into a bloody fingered screaming maniac is beyond me. But I'm certainly glad it occurs. This is not your typical genre, this is actually something quite refreshing in the darkest of ways. Tucked way the hell in the goat fields of the UK, Mr. Spoon needs to get bankrolled and get touring right now. I throw my support behind these guys 100%. I have never seen such professional drive in such humble disposition. Its time I offer 'much respect' and a hearty \m/ to Mr. Spoon.”

“The Bradshaw Chronicles theme "a song for christy" Written & performed by joel.A.Heslop from "mr spoon" & Barry "Digital Skunk"Burford.”

“There are so many people who have covered Elliott Smith, but usually they cover the older songs, from the self-titled album, or Either/Or’, or even ‘XO’, but rarely from the more recent stuff, and almost never from ‘Figure 8’. Helen, who wrote about Mr. Spoon last November, sent me this link of Joel Amen Heslop, a guitarist of the band, covering ‘Son of Sam’. In the middle of his kitchen, he seems to gently rush through the song, as he plays it faster than the original, but with passion in a sort of wild style. I don’t play any instruments but I have read so many times about Elliott Smith’s songs being quite difficult and challenging to play.”

“The Bradshaw Chronicles Film Director/Screen Writer Spencer Gray featuring the music of MR SPOON!!! 1st july 2011”

“CNN ireporter Christy Bradshaw interviews Joel Heslop from Mr. Spoon!”

“Mr spoon quoted no.1 top band of 2010 !! by http://www.rocknycliveandrecorded.com/ 1. Mr Spoon. Holy God! Go find them, shake them, throw them on a plane and get them here NOW so I can see them live. I cant explain the raw perfection- listen for yourself. http://mrspoon.webs.com/”

“It doesn't happen much but when it does I want to scream. Finally, Finally I have found the best band you haven't heard of .. yet. But if you have heard of them, then you shouldn't be reading this you should be out on street corners screamin their name. ”

“muzik from the cosmos ..!!”

mr spoon