Noisesurfer / Press

“Title: ADSL Label: Ethno Indigo Records Cat#: EIR-021 Keywords: Ambient, Electronica, IDM Reviewer: Alex Spalding I originally discovered Ethno Indigo Records via the Sirona-Records friendly labels page and had wanted to review some of their releases for awhile, but I didn’t know where to start. This is an album I could not ignore, however, despite the overwhelming number of tracks presented here and the strange order it’s all arranged in. For instance, there are two sets of numbered tracks and then several others that seem to just be bits and pieces included by random. I’m frightened, wondering how I’m going to get around these obstacles… but what I figure I will do is get down to the essence of the album, put aside a lot of the tracks that are just subtle reinterpretations of the same material. It’s just such a good album that I must review it in some fashion. And I should get started, probably, as there are like… 32 tracks and almost all of them are over 3 minutes in”

“If you're feeling as though you might be spinning out of control on a carnival ride, there's a possibility you're looking at the album art for Noisesurfer's ADSL. Of course, it could also be possible that you really are spinning out of control on a carnival ride. Aaagh!”

“Ambient Drone Focus EP is a 5-track EP by Noisesurfer (Joachim Rontexlius and Rachel Moraledius), a Spanish-based duo who has been very profilic during the last years. All the sound represented on it is vastly convincing indeed. More detailly, it is noisy and used to exploit the templates for getting highly infiltrated and mixed-up soundscapes. Indeed, it is far from being just an instance of orthodox-like noise exploration. It has managed to incorporate a loads of stylistic elements inside it from right and left - powerfully thudding ritualistic techno beats, psyambient-soaked and downtempo-esque environments, dub echo experiments. From there can be found out some minutiae harking back to the soothing feeling of New Age-y explorations, however, letting no paralyzing impressions of the whole as a bleak, digital-dominated sonic pile. All is refreshing and suggestive.”

“Noisesurfer is a Spanish musical outfit of of Joachim Rontexlius. Started as an industrial, drum'n'bass project, now he works in other environments: more experimental, more noise and shoegaze, but always with spiritual and transcendent love for music.”