Noise Flower / Press

“Sunday afternoon is great when listening to such great tunes!”

DJ Antonio - Reverbnation

“Savant is truly great!”

Boxcar Gospel - Reverbnation

“Simply beautiful.”

Apparition Denied - Reverbnation

“enjoying savant, beautiful..”

The Shimmer Effect - Reverbnation

“Sweet tunes! Very cool! Enjoyed listeni”

Noise Makers Anonymous - ReverbNation

“Aggressive Electronx (2 months ago) Noise Flower: Really cool, driving electronic tunes! Great stuff.”

Aggressive Electronx - ReverbNation

“Returning the love. You're an amazing talent.”

Watzreal - Reverbnation

“Noise Flower, you're definitely at the top of your game. Powerful EDM.”

Howard Lawrence - Reverbnation

“Tenebris Vera Beautiful rich, full sounds, fantastically imagined and fully bloomed into a sonic flaura soundsape of a prismatic world. Get busy world of little sonic worker bees, and pol...”

Tenebris Vera - Reverbnation

“Sills & Smith I am totally diggin' Velvet! Captivating electronica here. Frank Smith”

Frank Smith - Reverbnation

“A little share of one of my favorite FaceBook friends . . . with a career as a doula, strong and sexy, with attitude, and a composer who makes music to light my life . . . I am intrigued by her . . . I often look for her latest music. "Nightlight" is a fluid rock piece with an uplifting demeanor, full of light and energy. I'm quite impressed with this music . . . strong beats and intros . . . labeled as electronic, new-wave . .. this music has a clear . .. cool quality, inspiring and spiriting . . .. simply some of the best around . . Here is a play-listing (102 tracks long) from Reverbnation" Enjoy!:”

wolfsong.the poet - http://wolfsongsmusic.blogspot.com/2013/05/noise-flower.html

“'tell me' how you do it....keep coming up with great music....:)”

Oden Young - Reverbnation

“Your uplifting tracks have certainly given me a lift on this cold dark night. All the best, K-Toh :)”

K-Toh - Reverbnation

“ ""Nightlight"" AWESOME !!!!!! Greetings DJA ”

DJ Antonio - ReverbNation

“But then there is Noise Flower as Noise Flower… here is an explosion of music at it’s finest. Beats that arouse the senses, textures of hidden notes that captivate the body, and subtleties that move the soul into other realms of being or thought. Perfect for Soundtrack her Music takes on the initiative that makes one follow the scene all the way to its conclusion. She’s AWESOME so lean back and relax into what is Noise Flower and you bet Devotions Recording is most honored to have her on our”

“PREDICTION has an awesome funky groove to it! Stellar work! Love how it starts rebuilding in intensity about half way through. Karin's vocals are lovely and intriguing! Cheers. Mark Oct 14”

The Major Tom Experiment: - reverbnation

“Great things happening on this page! All I Want is You is a great track! We will back to hear more! Oct 10”

SUCKERPUSH: - ReverbNation

“ MikeWhitePresents: "Firepower" is blowing my mind baby!! Rockin good tune..but still lovin "Healer" with it's great fat electro riffs!! NF Supa-Shiny!!”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“DJ Antonio: More than excellent, fantastic music.. With my respect turn up the music !!!! from DJ ANTONIO, Valencia, Spain... Oct 01”

DJ Antonio: - ReverbNation

“Redd Sonia: Blocking Out the Sun is just absolutely fabulous! Love the keys and the harmonies and overall vocals are just fantastic!Keep up the good work and keep making Noise you little flowers! "Redd"”

Redd Sonia - ReverbNation

“...Cinderz...: Hello Noise Flower! I really love everything about Blocking Out The Sun”

...Cinderz...: - ReverbNation

“Touch is such beautiful track wow wow wow!! much love May 25”

Aria Arvan: - ReverbNation

“Great style.Love the bio pic and page.love chrissy May 23”

Chrissy McAnaney: - ReverbNation

“god bless peace luv light and flower power <3 May 04”

project 2025: - ReverbNation

“Crisp, Clean and loads of Caffeine! PURE is a wall of synth! Dream Peace is a Master-Peace! Wonderful! Apr 02”

Mike Henry: - ReverbNation

“Hi,NF, just need to hear some of your tracks to make my afternoon!”

reverbnation - DollyG

“Great songs, lots of hard work deserves #1!”

Reverbnation - Fetal Zombie

“Hello Mary, Thank you do much for your visit :) I'm happy you liked my songs! I love your music also, they are original and Such diversity. I will be back more often, So many great songs!/Jaki Song Mar 23”

reverbnation - Jaki Song:

“wow !!!! "Is This Your Dream; is sooo awesome !!! very unique stuff going on :) and loving the voclas and harmonies :) awesome guys !! Feb 07”

She SaiD &amp; Hillbilly Dix: - ReverbNation

“DollyG: P U R E! BadA$$! You are terrific and fantastic and I'm so glad to hear you! Jan 29”

DollyG - ReverbNation

“back fore more!! loving the vibe going on in your tracks!! Jan 15”

Todd Stone: - reverbNation

“Love it 'Noise Flower' my favorite has gotta be "Long Story" i love the smooth electronica mixed with trip hop - really does send you on a tripathon - shrooms muzic!! Jan 10”

Attemp2: - ReverbNation

“get get it!! ssoundin funky and fresh Jan 09”

Bubbas Mixtape: - ReverbNation

“awesome production overall :) "minimal" is the favourite track for me, thanks!! Dec 15”

joyless - ReverbNation

“ I KNEW I WAS ENCOUNTERING SOMETHING SPECIAL* VERY INTERESTING MATERIAL* Thank You for becoming friends on here* All the Best Jay”

Extraballe: - ReverbNation

“star struck! love your originality* much success & stay #1 * love & cheers * P”

Ecologyngle - ReverbNation

“Thanx ladies........Lincoln's got dance starz........!! Nov 29”

Kristin M: - ReverbNation

“Really enjoying the music Great work!! love it:) Nov 20”

Dee&amp;TheAlien&#39;s (Dorothy Wilson) - ReverbNation

“ "Scorn" is brilliant!”

Shade Law - reverbNation

“MM, Danger Zone is an incredible song....I've listened to it over and over and it's still running through my alien Brain...You got a great one here Mary Mary.....xo mm Nov 10”

mark hoevet: - reverbNation

“ Hi Noise Flower, thanks for the connection, Sounds great here. Hot Vibes and Beatz ٩๏̯͡๏)۶ Nov 08”

604-ToKaY: - reverbNation

“Hey lady, the music is next level!!, n u got n awesome look! Nov 05 ”

DJ Trackmatic (Producer): - ReverbNation

“Wayside Drive: Fresh grooves. Great vocals. Top-notch production. Love it! - jeremy”

Wayside Drive - ReverbNation

“Great Songs! You Ladies Are Awesome!!”

CLONE MIKE: - ReverbNation

“LOVE IT! Super cool! Oct 08”

My Other Life: - ReverbNation

“'7th Planet' kicks.. love it.. has a alt 80's vibe..but modern.. good stuff.. rock on and stay true”

JUNKCHIEF: - ReverbNation

“Cool creations here noise flower. Got me groovin! I'll be here for a hot minute,I see you got over 40 tracks lol Keep It up! Oct 12”

Timmy Matrixx &amp; Dappa Don Prod... - reverbNation

“amazing music brilliantly produced.... subtle and understated, elegant and hard edged all at the same time. Noise flower Definitely get to grow in my garden. Oct 03”

mark ceeney solo musician - reverbNation

“Very creative and groovy! I love it! I'm a fan! Sep 28 ”

MickyPat: - ReverbNation

“..wickedly wicked creativity goin' on here..Bumble. Sep 25”

Elsewhere and the Bumble fly: - reverbNation

“Now who doesn't love Mary ... and Karin ... so you would love the two of them together even more! Noise Flower to the second power, baby.”

International Silver String Sub. - ReverbNation

“awesome sound!”

RAY RICHMOND - ReverbNation


Shade Law - ReverbNation

“hey! cool to see you are a duo now ;) excellent! Sep 15”

embryonik: - reverbnation

“Promize: sweet Sep 18”

Promiz - ReverbNation

“ Noise Flower is headed places number 1 at Reverb Nation, and is someone that I respect as a Musician.”

Shade Law - http://strikingconceptvideos.blogspot.com/

“Very nice job. The collab has lifted the music to a high level. It was a pleasure for me to listen!”

John Ming: - reverbNation

“man i luv orginality.....i'd like ta get some of them beatz ta rip ta shreds. peace,”

xfacta: - Reverbnation

“Mary, you're music is incredible...I listened to almost all of it today, and some songs over and over...You've got it!!! A collab must be done!!! Aug 28”

mark hoevet: - ReverbNation

“DJ Paul Pritchard: Hi Mary / Karin, very creative tracks, & the harmonies are superb,"Should I" is my fav keep doing what your doing & I hope you have great success....Paul Aug 21”

DJ Paul Pritchard - ReverbNation

"IT IS WHAT IT IS..!" Fabulous....love the groove ,sweet,funky bass goodies,,,,,stellar instrumentation,dynamite arranging and production.Delicious vocals....AWESOME...!! Jul 28

TLT50: - ReverbNation

“ : Powerful new look and Song to go with it, "Twisted" is profound and the Music is engaging. Good work Love!!!! Jul 26”

Shade Law - ReverbNation

“hey, mary!!!! 'twisted' is VERY cool!! you two make a great team!! great song!!! love ALL your work”

Michael Hartman and the Appendages: - ReverbNation

“If you want a trip into a universe of great beats and sounds this is the place.Your thinking mind will disapear only this music will be there and you will only be this sounds running trough your senses.Fascinating metamor... Jul 13”

The Silence - ReverbNation

“This is wonderful!!! Jul 13”

Perla Intveen - ReverbNation

“You´ve got great skillz, amazing you have only been in the game for one year and a half. Big up. Thanks for your comment. Have a great week. Alex Jul 12”

Konggras - ReverbNation

“hey mary! i thought i was already your fan!!! i been listening to your music for quite a while now! great stuff!!! i'm getting senile though...so if i remember to get out of bed, i'm doing great!! LOVE YOUR STUFF! very ... Jun 22”

Michael Hartman and the Appendages: - ReverbNation

“Lush and inventive. Nice soundscapes you're painting Jun 17 ”

Auto-Pilot: - ReverbNation

“fabiana is great. keep it going Jun 17”

Les Oiseaux Michteaux: - ReverbNation

“Great stuff¡¡¡¡¡¡Congrats Girl. Jun 17 ”

Atenor - ReverbNation

“Very Minimal, love it...... Peace, Sub Secret Boys. x Jun 14”

Sub Secret - ReverbNation

“Love "Flutter" and "Time" especially "Time!!!! Stunning Work! Jun 25”

Shade Law - ReverbNation

“..great new work here mary! lovin' it! Jun 13 ”

beatmistresscait - ReverbNation

“very distincitve sounds and mixes - complex is my favourite trk Jun 09”

Jon Edwards - FeverbNation

“HEY!? What just happened? I clicked to listen.. next thing I knew, I came to, an hour later!! This stuff is hypnotic! Jun 03”

Johnny Nowhere - ReverbNation

“great energy! Loved listening -Paddy May 30”

Paddy - ReverbNation

“excellent work!!! talent X2!!!!!! more more more!!!!!!! May 30”

Sara Kovanda - ReverbNation

“Mind Edit is Beauuuuuuuuutiful song!!!!!! Great stuff - you´d add more of your songs here. Wish you well-deserved success. A&P, I&SON. May 29 ”

I&amp;SON - ReverbNation

“the most stunning lady of electro with the most gorgeous sound! EXCELLENT!! simply awesome!! original and powerful! love the attitude in the vocals too! May 28”

embryonik - ReverbNation

“Mary, love the song "flower power" wish I'd written it!! Excellent!!! May 27”

Mark Hoevet - ReverbNation

“awesome track Mary”

Allen Wentz - ReverbNation

“'flower power'!..let's have more please!..love it!”

beatmistresscait - ReverbNation

“Thank you very kind for the invite, am proud to have you as a friend and fan. Your music always strikes me, and this song is just brilliant. Indeed Flower Power, keep it up! Love, Miss P. May 28 ”

Miss P - ReverbNation

“bring it on ... every whisper”

ravenslament - ReverbNation

“Dee1962z: Great track...love it:)”

Dee1962z - ReverbNation