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“Chops is committed to the model of releasing albums on vinyl with accompanying digital downloads, and to avoiding an over-produced sound. But other than that, the road ahead for the label is wide open. “We don’t want to specialize in any one kind of music,””

““Rhode to Heaven” — which will be released on Nofrendo’s Chops Records — is a thoughtful and tasteful collection that just might create some new jazz fans. A number of the tracks would play just as well in a dance club as in a jazz lounge, with Nofrendo’s crisp production and funky beats providing the ideal setting for Reed’s laid-back horn playing. “Cryin’ Sun” — with beautiful guitar work by Chops Records artist Andy Nicolai — epitomizes this unique collaboration.”

“Nofrendo (aka Joseph Mezey) is the beat making equivalent of Nina Simone. Built on his love for soul and all things raw and gritty, his production style begets welcoming anachronistic melodies. Quite different from the sped up soul sample moves of many producers, he takes the properties of a record and changes the make-up.”

"Regarding the track "Gettin' Freaky Widdit" Sudan Life says "that joint is crazy duke....keyboard work i hear? vocoder....ooohhh ish!!!""

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“Nofrendo's got skills to pay the bills.”

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