“A splendid new record...(Thin Line) ”


“Singer/songwriter Noelle Hampton delivers a CD full of compelling music...equal parts of roots rock n' roll w/ folk/country to create refreshingly tuneful songs. Her nine originals prove that Hampton has a knack for crafting songs with emotional depth & catchy melodies. Nice vocals too..”

Steven Stone - Enjoy The Music/enjoythemusic.com

“This Singer Songwriter has a great Country/Americana sound in the Roots tradition...I like all her songs. ”


“I liked every track!”

Bob Edwards - Bob Edwards-XM/SIRIUS Radio

“Hampton delivers a CD full of compelling music...equal parts roots rock and roll with folk/country to create refreshingly tuneful songs.”

SS - Vintage Guitar Magazine

“4 STARS! "artfully elliptical lyrics and sweetly stinging melodies alike"”

“An excellent new CD that fuses alt-rock and country-folk”

The Isthmus

“4 out of 5 stars! "Reminiscent of(Shawn)Colvin... Hampton’s sturdily crafted pop tunes are similarly warmed by rootsy instrumentation...the strongest tracks chronicle a reportedly hellish year of depression with piercing honesty and melodic buoyancy”

““Thin Line” is a brisk, melodic set with strong songs played with a little bit of muscle and a lot of style. Hampton’s songs are genuine and her voice has richness—there’s a slight subtle raspy flavor that gives it soul and sexy undertones.”

"A gifted Singer/Songwriter....she has reappeared with a new album of luscious indie rock.." -Paul Liberatore

"Fat, gorgeous melodies; lyrics you can read like poetry, or that sound like whispered confidences. Understated, elegant arrangements and playing. Lovely vocals from Noelle Hampton. It’s a near-perfect package of words and music, of soul and inspiration." - Ben Fong-Torres

Ben Fong-Torres - (Former Editor/Rolling Stone)