Noctura / Press

“KISS KISS BANG BANG - I.S.P.Y. NOCTURA Noctura submitted a few songs to our local music show; we gravitated toward “Don’t Save Me.” It’s a very good song that is just as good as, if not better than, many of the songs released on major and independent labels. Lenny says, ”Check out Noctura—because they’ll take you by surprise!” I.S.P.Y. says, ”Check out Noctura’s Offspring cover at www.facebook.com/nocturamusic! Lenny Diana PD, WRZX / X103 www.x103.com”

“NOCTURA CROWDFUNDS THEIR ALBUM IN TWO DAYS Indiana based rock duo Noctura (Mandy Suiter & Jeremy Roche) launched their music project on RocketHub and cranked their promo strategy to 11. The result - they hit their goal in just under two days and are still picking up Fuelers excited to see how far they will exceed their original target. Noctura doesn't play many live shows - and has been focusing their efforts online to build their audience. I became curious to know more, and reached out to Mandy to ask a few questions about the Noctura album project - as well as the crowdfunding campaign behind it: (continued...)”

“MOST LISTENED TO LOCAL BAND Last month I blogged about Betrayed With A Kiss taking full advantage of X103's NEW! Discover & Uncover. Their song Hypocrite was the most listened to local song on x103.com. It turns out they weren't the only one seriously using our local music section. Noctura's Don't Save Me has surpassed Hypocrite in 'plays'. Don't Save Me has over 7500 plays so far. Click here to listen to Don't Save Me, My Last Goodbye, Bleeding for Truth, and Fall To Pieces. (continued...)”

“NOCTURA BREAKS OUT Noctura’s sound can be described as a contrast of high gain guitar tones mixed with melodic vocals and symphonic components. Their sound has a distinct commercial appeal in line with other popular rock bands such as Breaking Benjamin and Disturbed.”

“ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: NOCTURA Zack Daggy: How long have you been singing? Mandy Suiter of Noctura: I sang in choir through elementary/middle/high school and always loved it, but was very shy. It was a few years later before I actually started singing solo in front of other living, breathing humans. (continued...)”

“Noctura are truly an amazing band. What they've managed to achieve with the resources they currently have at hand is inspiring. Both My Last Goodbye and Bleeding for Truth are timeless tracks reminiscent of Evanescence's work on their album "Fallen," yet they have distinctive differences instantly setting them apart as Noctura's own work. I look forward to much more of Mandy's effortless vocals and catchy, yet rocking mixes.”