noctaluca / Press

“noctaluca is intelligent, inspired, and in our humble opinion the best band we've heard in a very long time. noctaluca is definitely a creative light in the contemporary industry darkness."”

Alan Niven, fmr Guns 'N Roses manager and Heather Vincent-Niven, Tru-b-dor Rcds - n/a

“noctaluca's music cuts across many styles and deep into your soul. Jason apparently has found the knob that controls human emotions and assembled the perfect crew to tweak it."”

"noctaluca is the new Pink Floyd of the Midwest."

Bob the Producer, 102.7 WEBN - n/a

“Definitely on my top 10 favorite bands list. They're just that good.”

Erwin Musper, producer/engineer for Bowie, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Elton John - n/a