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“Following them and warming up the stage for Cancerslug were No Buffer, playing a blend of old fashioned punk and alternative with a hard rock feel. The band formed in December 2011. Their sound is reminiscent of a wide spectrum of music from hardcore punk to arena rock anthems. The lineup includes Bryan Bach (guitar, vocals), Jeff Odell (bass), Bryan Dietrich (guitar), and Jared Brown (drums). No Buffer released their self-titled debut album in 2012, followed by Everything Will Be Just Fine (2013) and West Coast Punk (2014).As Cancerslug started into their set, fans whipped up a pit to hits off of their latest release, Rootwork, such as “Girls Chained Up in the Basement Making Babies to Kill,” “I Want to Fuck Your Girlfriend,” and “Rape Train” to name a few. She Wolves Joceylin Gonzalez (guitar) and Cassie Baher (bass) played ferociously providing the hooks and grooves. Mike Horgan (drums) set the tempo as frontman Alex Story (vocals) leaped from the shadows.”

“Following Angie was another Seattle band, No Buffer. Formed in 2011, these guys are still in their infancy, but you wouldn’t know it by watching them on stage. They play with as much prowess as a band with ten times their age. No Buffer is more of a hard core punk/pop band with a bass player who practically steals the show. He has long, thick tresses that he repeatedly whips around and peers out from as he spins around and drops to his knees and basically never stops moving. The mosh pit totally caught fire as they whipped the crowd into a crazed frenzy. I will be looking out for No Buffer for future gigs. These guys rocked the house to smithereens.The Silver Shine kick some psychobilly butt and I’m elated I finally got the chance to see them. My 19-year-old son discovered them and played them for me. He was in attendance with me and claimed his favorites besides The Silver Shine were No Buffer. High praise indeed.I still haven’t come down from this show. What a way to kick off”

“You guys really are your music”

“They are called No Buffer, they even have a song called No Buffer”

"The first band I saw was No Buffer from right here in Seattle, WA. This is a band that contradicts themselves in that their music comes across dark and foreboding, but the members constantly joke around with themselves and the audience, keeping the dark and foreboding at bay. They play a heavy dose of good ol’ fashioned punk but with some elements of heavy metal. Their drummer plays topless and beats his drums furiously, but never seems to break a sweat. No Buffer is a band to look out for. These guys have the potential to make it big outside of Seattle — the next Nirvana perhaps. Check them out before they’re playing arena shows." -Holly Homan article written on http://www.eastportlandblog.com/2012/11/15/the-legendary-misfits-crash-land-with-thunder-and-lightning-and-things-macabre-by-holly-homan/