No Blitz / Press

“Walking around touting “in your face guitar riffs, driving drum beats, and catchy melodies” and “unpretentious personality and a knack for writing voluminous lyrics” usually means you’re either full if it or full of yourself; especially when you’re only on your second album. It takes all of about twenty four seconds to understand that the Arlington, VA based quartet No Blitz has every right to lay claim to that, if not more.”

“Their official biography states that "No Blitz is an American rock band that delivers in your face guitar riffs, driving drum beats, and catchy melodies." Readers and listeners - this speaks volumes and perfectly describes this four-piece band. "Unreal" is a churning, not overly-aggressive surprise hit. This song surprised this writer/listener because at first - the tempo, vocals and overall flow felt all too familiar. The subtle guitar riff, the extra excensuation on the chorus drives this one home. Killer song, killer riff - rock fans will love this. Overall Review is Solid A Overall, Never Satisfied gets a solid A rating. This writer/listener really embraced the guitar and the gritty, southern rock feel. This band seems to have taken the baton from a band like Kings of Leon and is capable and comfortable in this rock lane. Take the time to listen to these four tracks - all on their own are ready for alternative rock radio, college radio or a AAA station.”