Noaccordion / Press

“noaccordion: Community, Esplendoroso. El álbum es muy bueno e impactante.”

“noaccordion: Mentals, In 1974, Japanese electronic musician Isao Tomita released the album Snowflakes Are Dancing, which featured reworked interpretations (some quite radical) of the music of French Impressionist composer Claude Debussy. The album became a worldwide hit, and has since become a milestone of electronic music (and spawned many follow-up albums for Tomita). In the second of two simultaneously released EPs, Bay Area musician Onah Indigo (aka noaccordion) turns to another Impressionist composer, Eric Satie. In her first-ever “covers” project, all six tracks are instrumental adaptations of Satie piano works that definitely bear the stamp of Indigo’s musical stylings. While they aren’t quite the lush productions found on Tomita’s album, they do put an interesting spin on Satie’s music, weaving a soundscape that would appeal most to EDM fans (yes, there are beats to be found on several tracks).”

“noaccordion: Wake Up, Remember ’80s Brit band the Flying Lizards? They scored an international hit with their minimalist remake of the Motown classic “Money (That’s What I Want).” That song came to mind as I was listening to the latest EP from noaccordion, the nom de plume of Bay Area musician Onah Indigo. And like the Lizards, her vocals are rhythmically spoken, not sung. She also employs a number of acoustic and electronic instruments in the sparse arrangements that make up the EP’s six tracks, several of which would be welcome additions to any EDM club mix.”

“As Noaccordion, Onah Indigo finds a middle ground between hip-hop, electronica and classical from an artistic standpoint. Though she’s armed with an accordion, there’s plenty of other instruments explored against Indigo’s jazzy vocals and playful song structure. While some tracks are so simple they could be children’s songs, others are sophisticated and heavy on piano, while others seem more suited for a cabaret. The Mentals EP is the more introspective of the pair, with downtempo, glitchy moments that are inspired by the music of Eric Satie. Entire instrumental, it illustrates much depth to Noaccordion’s path. Wake Up, on the other hand, is more energetic and a display of positiveness that encapsulate house, dub step, and electro-pop.”

“Noaccordion of Oakland seems to be getting into a Too $hort vibe by turning her romantic tune into something slightly vulgar, for “MFLS” stands for “motha fuckin’ love song”. Maybe it’ll get your moist juices flowing, or maybe you don’t mind the explictiness so if you don’t, pump this and then pump a significant other. Or others.”

“In the art alley you could see a wonderful performance by the gypsy-esque band No Accordion (which was surprisingly heavy on the accordion played by Onah Indigo)…. The art installations and painters around the festival, although fantastic, were daunted by the sea of paint in Art Alley. Everything from live street art with spray paint, to psychedelic monsters and character paintings, a gorgeous series of pinups, and murals all accented, as mentioned above by the lovely sounds of the gypsy band, No Accordion…. ”

"After the performance art set the mood, Noaccordion took the the stage. Indigo and the band demonstrated that they have real musical talent to accompany their flair for showmanship"