Absolution / Press

“Over the last several years, a group of five musicians from PA (with two Indie CD’s under their belts) have been caused some curiosity and commotion throughout the Northeastern US and now they’re spreading abroad. One city, one state, one hotel after another in support of the current TAPROOT tour, Absolution is continuing the journey. After heavily promoting themselves in support of their critically-acclaimed EP Theory Of Existence from one side of the USA to the other, they’ve gained an impressive following. Delivering an adrenaline pumping performance night after night is just one of many reasons for the band’s continued success. Now, with the arrival of their 3rd CD, The Other Side of Nothing, on the horizon, we were excited we could steal away some time with singer, songwriter, Mark Wojtkiewicz”

“Absolution was one of the dozens of local bands that were scheduled to perform at The Woodlands on April 27 as part of “Concert For A Cause 9.” But about six weeks ago, the group sent its apologies and gave word that it wouldn’t be able to make it. The reason? A very good one: A U.S. tour with national act Taproot. And the timing couldn’t have been any better, as it coincides with the release of the local hard-rock band’s new album, “The Other Side Of Nothing,” which hits stores on May 3rd. ”

“Manogue: What’s it like touring with Absolution right now? Lipscomb: They’re great man. They’re very helpful and their just having fun. This is their first real tour and for us to see, we’ve been doing this for shit, ten, eleven years now so it’s cool to see them get excited about every city we go to. Manogue: Does that kind of take you back to the days when you were first getting tours and all that? Lipscomb: Absolutely!”

“I was at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA. just last Thursday to do a review on TAPROOT, and had a chance to check out the band ABSOLUTION all the way from good ole Pennsylvania. They put on a great live performance moving around and never staying in one place at any given time. Keeping the crowds attention and even at one point had the crowd chanting during one of their songs. Lead vocalist for ABSOLUTION Mark Wojtkiewicz’s voice made me think of MUDVAYNE’S lead vocalist Chad Gray. Similar renditions on certain parts at least in my mind. ABSOLUTION is currently on a U.S. tour with the one and only TAPROOT!”

“Hard rock fans in northeast Pennsylvania are likely very familiar with hometown favorites Absolution. On the verge of what could be a big break with a new album and national tour with Taproot, it may be just a matter of time before the rest of the country is singing along to songs like “What Makes Me Strong.” Guitarist Will Perna has been waiting for the chance since he became “addicted” to his instrument at age 19 after listening to the Deftones. It wasn’t long before he started playing in bands and opening for acts like Absolution, which was founded in 2005.”

“Theory Of Existence, offers a turbulent attack that combines bristling, Pantera-styled hardcore-infused metallic aggression with sturdy melodies and no-nonsense lyrics. Absolution’s themes are often confrontational, evidenced off the bat with the combustible opener “Drifted,” The fierce and rumbling “What Makes Me Strong” builds strength through adversity, with Wojtkiewicz offering the memorable line “Those who stand for nothing/Will fall for anything.” Absolution’s performances are ferocious and intense; with constantly detonating rhythmic salvos putting pedal to the metal, and Wojtkiewicz selling his words with maximum emotion, rage, range and clarity. Fans of the melodic aggression of Disturbed, Sevendust and Pantera should give Absolution serious consideration; Theory of Existence offers a convincing, brute-force sonic smack upside the cranium.”

"...The night started with a half-hour set from locals Absolution who rushed out on stage with tons of energy and solid riffs. All of the members of the Mountain Top band moved around on stage and interacted with the crowd on every song. The crowd closed each song with a huge applause and even sang along to the songs they knew...."

“The new album, like its predecessor, is being recorded at The Barber Shop Studios in Lake Hopatcong, N.J. It is the same studio used by Breaking Benjamin and former New York Yankees star Bernie Williams. Freddie Fabbri, who once helped manage Breaking Benjamin, continues to work with Absolution. Wojtkiewicz says pre-production for all of the new songs is completed, and nearly all of the lyrics are written. Absolution, formed in 2005, has tweaked not only its lineup over the years but also its attitude. That, says Wojtkiewicz, is yet another reason for the sense of drive, focus and teamwork within the band.”

“Pop in the latest CD from local band Absolution, and you’ll hear some fierce intensity. Titled “Surfacing,” the eight-song audio assault is an in-your-face amalgamation of old-school metal and more modern nu-metal sounds. The churn and the grind associated with current hard rock is clearly there, yet some of the guitar solos — yes, guitar solos — posses a classic metal quality. And though the record was only released earlier this year, the band is growing no moss and is already in the studio working on its follow up.”