Nixon Nation / Press

“The Baltimore Sun's Sam Sessa interviewed Nixon Nation's vocalist and bassist, Kevin M. Thomas today. The highlights of the interview will be printed in the columnist's article which will appear in the Baltimore Sun's LIVE section on Thursday, April 27th. Kevin emphasized the fact that the band is focused on recording their new album over the coming months and will continue to be performing in their regional markets. Nixon Nation is very excited about their new material and are looking forward to a potential year end release! Watch for the article on Thursday, April 27th in the Baltimore Sun's LIVE section!”

Sam Sessa - Baltimore Sun

“With two fingers extended on each hand and arms raised above their heads, the four band members of Ocean City's own Nixon Nation can proudly proclaim - no, not "I am not a crook" - but instead "Nixon Nation is going to storm the Nation". Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon mask in tow for lead vocalist Kevin Thomas to include as part of the act for their shows, Nixon Nation is in the midst of a busy playing schedule this summer in the resort area.”

Jay Hodgkins - Maryland Beachcomber