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Nitroville / Press

“With a name like Nitroville and a track called Louisiana Bone, you'd think the band might be from somewhere exotic like, well, Louisiana. But no, this hard-rocking quartet are from London, like a cockney Molly Hatchet. And if that description suggests the song might not be very good, think again, for it burns more brightly than a NASCAR pit lane fire.”

“While the riffs and fretwork of lead guitarist Kurt Michael Boeck would be impressive enough on their own, it`s lead singer and discovery of the year Tola Lamont that really sets this album on fire. With a style that combines the full force of Chrissy Steel with the gritty edge of Dale Krantz from the Rossington Collins Band and a touch of Heart’s Anne Wilson, it`s hard to believe that this lady wasn`t born on the banks of the Mississippi delta. Hearing a voice like this really does restore your faith in the music business and someone who can sing with such primal passion rather than caterwaul in X Factor fashion is a real treat.”

“Nitroville, who are quite possibly one of the best new bands the UK has on offer at the moment. In Tola, the band have themselves a fantastic singer, her energetic voice setting them apart. She comes over in a similar vein to Ann Wilson with a more retro edge (think Cickenfoot, Rival Sons), especially on the powerful Let It Roll, a classic with tons of swagger and the pumping Mississippi Wide Boy. On this evidence, their next album will be explosive!”

Nicky Baldrian - Fireworks Magazine

“Nitroville claim to give us Southern Rock and Blues - Hard - and that's what we get: loud, hard, and, sorry, horny! Tola Lamont rocks and roars, as if she had just fallen from a southern tavern. Kurt-Michael commented on his guitar playing with "pedal are for pussies!" Ched bassist and drummer Dan Warren rumble and rock to the same as if a freight train breaks through the terrain. If "From Dusk Till Dawn" were ever filmed new: This force would be on the soundtrack!”

“Musically German-Scottish guitarist Kurt Michael Boeck holds the reins, but Tola Lamont has a powerful and well-trained voice with which to tie them well into the evening. Nitroville connects with Southern Roots Rock embossed with current trends and proves to be the highlight as expected.”

“Fans of the classic hard rock in the style of AC/DC and Led Zeppelin come on Saturday, 18th May, Nitroville from London on stage at 22:00 at "Bikes, Music & More" Festival (from 17 to 19 May). The band under the direction of "Power singer" Tola Lamont and the internationally renowned guitarist Kurt Michael Boeck.”

“Nitroville offer blues-rock with a some neatly stacked tunes on Can’t Stop What’s Comin’. With a singer in Tola Lamont who brings to mind Lynne Jackaman of Saint Jude, this lot are worth checking out. Find out more at www.nitroville.com ”

“Now this is how Rock and Roll should sound like! TOLA LAMONT has a superb voice and delivers spot-on here, while the bluesy guitar driven Hard Rock and Roll of each of the 11 tracks is a deadringer for this kind of raw vocalwork. I would absolutely not be surprised if NITROVILLE becomes the next big thing, because this album sounds like a perfect cross between SAINT JUDE, ALANNAH MYLES, SASS JORDAN and AC/DC. “Cheating the hangman”, “Let it roll”, “Dust devil” and “Cuts to the bone” are the kind of perfect rocksongs everyone will love, as they have the same feeling people must have felt the first time they heard for example HEART back in the day! So, who knows, some of these tunes might one day turn out to be Classics in the Rockgenre and you might be one of the first to have heard that! A recommended band with a terrific female singer.”

“This is really a bomb, I cry at the outset!  London Nitroville are the best hard rock n roll band with a big southern flair and a drop of blues feeling, I've heard for a long time and with a vengeance, great singer Tola Lamont and a band exactly to my taste.The big advantage is the singer, setting the band apart from many other Southern bands. Also, interesting are the drums, Brazilian Cyro Zuzi decreases the feel in parts and so it gives a bit of Latin-American feeling. Add to that a dose pinch of dirty blues and rock n roll, and the result is fantastic! The band is evaluated very positively in reviews such as Pure Southern Rock.com and that is saying something.”

“‘Cheating The Hangman’, ‘Let It Roll’, which has very slight overtones of AC/DC’s ‘For Those About To Rock’ and Lamont sounding like a fired up Ann Wilson, and ‘Mississippi Wide Boy’. ’Dust Devil’ which, for me, is the album highlight. Strangely enough it has an intro that is reminiscent of Simple Minds’ ‘Waterfront’ with added guitar! The intro gives way to a pulsing monster of a track which has a heavy, oppressive feel that exactly mirrors the lyrical theme. The remainder of the tracks are a mixture of what has gone before in terms of tempo and there isn’t really a single one that you could identify as weak or that doesn’t fit into the overall feel and quality of the album. This is a promising first release from Nitroville and they would appear to have the talent to progress in the right direction and become known and favoured by a wider audience. They also seem to have a sound which allows them to stand out somewhat from the ever growing number.”

“Strong voiced frontwomen are becoming more and more common in the world of rock music. Now we can add Nitroville to the mix. Frontwoman Tola Lamont's truly delectable vocals stand out as a definite highlight on the album, switching from delicately tender to raw and powerful in an instant. Interesting riffs and tight musicianship.”

“Somehow you can not escape the impression that more and more bands try it with handmade, honest rock music. Seasoned rockers discover at once their seventies roots or try bluesy rock.Thus, the British band around guitarist Kurt Michael Boeck and singer Tola Lamont. Powerful blues-influenced rock, A small pinch of AC / DC, ZZ Top, and the brew is ready!”

“As soon as Kurt-Michael Boeck jumps head over heels into Cheating the Hangman, with his overwhelming overdrive, Tola Lamont raising her darkened Rock'n'Roll voice, you know that Nitroville hasn't got middle-of-the-road retro rock in it's repertoire. A pumping bass, simple and effective riffing, little goose bumps guitar licks and a kind of vocal in which you'd like to throw yourself down on your knees and into the dust for. American Southern rock bands, Blackfoot and Molly Hatchet took on board elements of this archetypal British style and became legends. Inbetween British heavy blues and US Southern rock of the 70s. If you like this genre you will know how intriguing and magical this music is. Tell It Like It Is, with Tola's high pitch vocals and Boeck's Billy Gibbons style riffing including a world class guitar solo, lets you forget all the troubles of this world. Can't Stop What's Comin rocks, rocks and rocks. Kurt-Michael Boeck is a superb guitarist.”

“No question: a powerful woman. A bit like Adele. Blonde ponytail, black mini, the left hand propped on her hip - and a voice like a volcano: So Tola Lamont drew the audience at the 3rd Rock night on Saturday in Schützenhof under her spell. Organizer Horst (Blacky) Dräger had raved before the gig: This London band "Nitro Ville" with their voiced front woman, "it was a stroke of luck."”

“Amusing and straight forward in sound and personality, Nitroville puts forth a heavy rock sound on their debut album, forcing the listener to have no choice but to tap his toe as he plays all eleven tracks. Backed by driving guitar and solid vocals, this group has a decidedly strong album. The female vocalist is strong, and her voice is well suited to the electric, energetic force behind their music, and she blends well with the powerful guitar line as well.”

“Cool riffs, catchy melodies, groovy rhythm and great vocals all make a very solid debut album from London Rockers, NitroVille. "Can't Stop What's Comin'" is Bluesy Hard Rock at its best.”

“After listening to this disc for the first time, I knew Nitroville has "it"! The blues driven guitars mixed with the sultry blues rock stylings of Tola create a sound that is, simply awesome! As a fan of independent rock, I feel Nitroville has a bright future ahead! ”

"Can't Stop What's Comin'" consists of some of the best Straight Ahead No Nonsense Rock 'N' Roll that I have heard since Black Country Communion released their debut album last year. Tola Lamont does all the singing on "Can't Stop What's Comin'" and what a singer she is. A voice perfectly suited, Tola Lamont, can not only hold her own up against any power singer of today, but would certainly have held her own when compared to some of the best from yesteryear, as well. Paired perfectly with the rest of the bands powerful Guitar, Bass, and Drums back beat, this four piece band simply crushes any want to be competition out there, nowadays.They don't stop, their music doesn't stop, and you won't stop rockin' to their beat. NitroVille is one hell of a Rock 'N' Roll band and "Can't Stop What's Comin'" is one hell of a Debut Album. It brings back great memories of great rock bands past. For Rock 'N' Roll you just can't beat "Can't Stop What's Comin'", a 5***** production if I ever heard one."

“This album makes me want to get in the car and drive. They may be London-based but they sure do a good job channeling the southern blues rock spirit which goes so well with travelling at a high rate of speed with the windows (or better yet top) down. The music is laid back and relaxed feeling yet it rocks with a nice comfortable groove. The production doesn’t have that over-produced over-compressed punch of rock radio staples these days, rather this has a more retro production feel that lets the music breathe a bit more and honestly I think I like that sound better. There are times when I like that over-compressed punch, but this is definitely more appropriate for the style of music they are playing. The quality of the recording otherwise sounds just fine; good division of all the instruments and Tola’s great voice is featured prominently on top of it all. The album title says it all, “Can’t Stop What’s Comin’”, why would you anyway?”

“Nitroville, from London, offering a fantastic mix of Hard Rock and Roll Rock/Blues clear tradition and inspiration Southern. The debut album Can't Stop What's Comin ', is an excellent card and it has 11 tracks with a great songwriting made ​​sharp, sweeping riffs, great licks and solos from the excellent Kurt Michael Boeck, a fantastic singer in frontwoman Tola Lamont, who leads us in an atmosphere of dark music with a grit and a vocal performance of high level in a sound overall edgy, intense and exciting .... a really pleasant surprise for a band - absolutely follow and support!”

“Theirs is a back-to-basics kind of rock: heavy on the blues and just a dash of country. The result is a parched, dirty sound. If oil dripping from a rusting Mustang could play guitar, this is the music it would make. Think Steppenwolf’s ‘Born To Be Wild’, Free’s ‘All Right Now’ or BBC snooker theme, ‘Drag Racer’. The songs on ‘Can’t Stop What’s Comin’ are as you’d expect. There’s references to US geography (‘Mississipi Wide Boy’) and lots of angst (‘Cuts To The Bone’ and ‘Cheating The Hangman’). It’s all delivered by an international line up headed by Tola Lamont, whose gutsy swaggering vocals recall something of Vonda Sheppard – she of the theme tune to Alley McBeal. This album does nothing new. But maybe that’s the point. After all: if it ain’t broke, just fill it up with gas and send it back out on the highway. ”

“The style of music is southern hard rock blues with a leading role for Tola Lamont. As we have here in the Netherlands Anouk, England has Tola Lamont. Listen to tracks like Cheating the Hangman and Dust Devil for example. Of course we may not wipe out the guitar skills from Kurt Michael Boeck on this album. But again a note to the readers: this is not metal, but dirty southern blues hard rock, to give it a name. So if you want something different, something bluesy, you might check out this album Can’t Stop What’s Comin’ from NitroVille.”

“Blues-rock with more emphasis on rock than blues that also has plenty of riffs, catchy and it grooves like hell. The vocal delivery of Tola Lamont is often both sharp shod, sassy, confident and tough and is good for Kurt Michael Boeck. High quality with the groove, riffs and vocals. The band is based in London but international when bassist Fussi Andersen is Danish, Kurt Michael Boeck's German/Scottish, Tola Lamont British/Scottish and Cyro Zuzi from Brazil. Zuzi is a steady drummer and whispers whipping expertise on "Killing Kind". "Twist In The Chain" is not so compact and intense that much of the rest of the range, but more evocative. Tola Lamont sings very well here and shows that she has a certain latitude in her expression. "Cuts To The Bone" with a exciting and scary lyrics, intense bass lines from Fussi Andersen. The song is also dynamic, with lots of edge and the steel guitar's bright and contrasting effect.”

“Awesome, simply awesome! I will play the sh*t out of it!”

“NitroVille's musical abilities make it clear that they do not require extensive post-production, and their motto is live accordingly: "Pedals are for pussies" ("Pedals for wimps!"). NITROVILLE represent unfiltered, raw, edgy and blues-influenced hard rock 'n' roll.”

“Back to the roots of rock is the catchy motto of London based NITRO VILLE on their 2011 produced debut “‘Can’t Stop What's Comin’” (Tijuana Brothers Records, Amazon.de). Drenched Blues Rock in the interface to Southern Rock. Enormous energy potential is in the band. The album proceeds brilliantly with the driving and punchy rock number "Cheating The Hangman", following with "Let It Roll", the blues-heavy hard rock song rolls over us personally. The perfect number for the perfect voice, Tola Lamont's! "Cuts To The Bone", "Dust Devil", "Tell It Like It Is" - all songs with an international class, with no need to hide from anything. More of them, please! A very fine soundtrack for the journey through wind and freedom on the streets of hard rock. The next release, which will hopefully not be long in coming, even more raw magic of the songs that exude this easy. A highlight in the dense throng of new releases in recent years and the band is ready for big things. Inevitable, ho”

"Great album, great music, please give us more. And special thanks to Ms Lamont. Her voice makes me shiver"!

Fred - Home of Rock

“If you’re going to play rock-n-roll, you’ve got to play from the heart. Nitroville know this all too well, and on ‘Can’t Stop What’s Coming’ they lay everything on the line, and have served up eleven slabs of damn near perfect metal infused old school Southern Boogie that’ll make your toes tap, your head nod and your jaw drop. Like Janis Joplin fronting an NWOBHM version Heart with music written by Lynyrd Skynyrd, if you don’t dig Nitroville you’re either (a) Reading the wrong damn magazine, or (b) You’re already dead. Turn it up, sit back, relax and get ready to be blown away,”

“Long live rock 'n' roll!! "Can't Stop What's Comin', is a very successful record. Their music is fun and with good humor. You can rock out to air guitar and vibrate through the house! The disc is a fine example of breaking out of monotony. ”

“Good solid blues-based rock which tempts you to get a round of good whiskey. The band was formed in summer 2010 and the disk has been concocted in just one year. Despite this, they sound like a well-established straight-down the highway-rock band. Cool riffs, catchy melodies and a strong female vocal. All in all, a solid debut. ”

Metalized Magazine

“International in sound and soul, a great singer, Tola Lamont is Anglo/Scottish, guitarist Kurt-Michael Boeck Scottish/German, bassist Fussi Andersen Danish and drummer Cyro Zuzi, Brazillian. The album fully embodies the mood and has the flavors of classic U.S. and the South. Nitroville have good cards to play with "Can't Stop What's Comin', gives us further evidence that the rock scene has been increasingly active of late.”

“Nitroville who travel alone their debut. From the beginning discern a sweet female voice simultaneously dynamic that reminds you of American and London pub rock bars! These originate from London but the blues rock to the same. Fast and mid tempo songs, riffs that reminded me of AC\DC sometimes even the solos, clearly influenced, South American scene in general and a sense of the film unfolds in front of you ... on some American scene in the desert of Texas. I hope you got the message on the disk atmosphere! The production is clean, supports the style of the piece and gives it the vintage modern tinge to pieces. Very strong first album from Nitroville, which shows quality and good compositions. Separately «Cheating the Hangman», «Mississippi Wide Boy», «Dust Devil», «Tell it Like it Is», «Bad Blood» and «Got what it Takes».”

"Stylistically between AC/DC and Thin Lizzy, this hard rock debut album of a British band shows old-school rock is more alive than ever. Tola Lamont's voice creates a wonderful contrast to Nitroville's rough and dirty sound. It's the perfect album for the road, offering hard rock fans a sense of nostalgia".

“The debut album of this band is a hot contender. The music lives on cool guitar riffs, the straight groove and the voice of powerful frontwoman Tola Lamont. In any case, Let it Roll especially I cannot get out of my head. This riff is excellent. At some points the vocals reminds me a little of Heart's Ann Wilson. Great Southern Rock. And in between times a rich variety.”

“Excellently tight and hot-rockin’ and rollin’ blues based band from North London with an amazing frontlady in the Ann Wilson sounding, ‘Tola Lamont’ who will grab you very easily with their Southern sounds of the USA for sure. There’s plenty of swamp-lovin’ guitar work on here such as gutsy songs like ‘Cuts To The Bone’; the slow AC/DC’ish ‘Let It Roll’; ‘Dust Devil’; the second to none ‘Twist In The Chain’; the funkyish slipper-stomping ‘Got What It Takes’ or the closing and cooking ‘Coming On Strong’. London? More like Louisiana when they got a vibe like this happening for them. 9/10 By Glenn Milligan ”

“Kurt Michael Boeck’s guitar riffs are huge and groove-laden. Tola Lamont’s vocal style is very big sounding as well, as the band just has a rock n’ roll feel to them, which you don’t get with a lot of today’s rock and metal bands. "Cheating the Hangman" starts things off on a positive note and is followed by "Let It Roll". Tola Lamont packs a lot of passion in her vocal delivery and at times reminded me of Suze Demarchi from Baby Animals. "Can’t Stop What’s Comin’" is enhanced by an excellent, in-your-face production, but it boils down to the quality of the songs. "Mississippi Wide Boy" has an infectious riff that permeates the whole song and quickly became a favorite. The whole thing is just a pure rock and roll album. NitroVille’s version of Rock n’ roll with a blues edge is something you don’t hear a ton of these days and thus is a welcomed change of pace. "Can’t Stop What’s Comin’" is a pretty darn good album. 88/100”

“The opener "Cheating The Hangman", a catchy riff and the voice of Tola Lamont, reminiscent in places of TINA TURNER IKE & TINA-times, make this track into a very successful song. No flash in the pan, just shows the next piece. "Let It Roll" constantly reminded of "Hells Bells" and is also dominated by Tola's voice. NITROVILLE have a penchant for classic, as other songs prove. "Dust Devil" could also be found on an album by Aerosmith and "Bad Blood" is strongly influenced by ZZ Top-inspired blues. The guitar playing of Kurt-Michael Boeck is particularly striking. Many tunes are familiar to the listener after the second or third hearing. If you like blues rock albums of THIN LIZZY and AEROSMITH you will not be disappointed.”

“Kurt Michael Boeck delivers to the absolute max. His guitar work is the proverbial relentless freight train and as Nitroville proclaim “Can’t Stop What’s Comin'” and why would you want to. Lyrically, vocalist Tola Lamont and Boeck are far removed from their London base, titles of “Cheating the Hangman,” Mississippi Wide Boy”and “Dust Devil” infinitely more Dallas than Dagenham although bemoaning inner city depravation or the current state with regards the national debt wouldn’t quite fit the sound, so who can blame them. Tola Lamont gives a great performance with her fabulously bluesy voice. “Can’t Stop What’s Comin” is a complete release of an album, finding me zippin up my (cowboy) boots, going back to my roots, sticking the CD in the car, cranking up the volume, dropping those windows, playing it loud and proud, exactly how Nitroville would want it.”

“NitroVille is truly an international southern rock band. Formed in early 2010, NitroVille have already managed to record and release their debut album and are on their way to success. As the band is fronted by powerful voice of Tola Lamont, it would be easy to make comparisons to Lynyrd Skynyrd backup vocalist Dale Krantz, but NitroVille sounds way heavier than anything she ever recorded with Skynyrd or Rossington-Collins Band. Ready to record their hard rockin´ debut, Can't Stop What's Comin', Nitroville chose Mark Waterman from Smashing Pumpkins fame to produce it. End result features 11 songs that were written during six month period preceding their studio dates. The album doesn't rely on heavy post production and effects, instead, the NitroVille manage to deliver pure and unfiltered Rock 'n' Roll in a way it should sound. Nitroville hasn´t played outside the United Kingdom yet, but by listening to their powerful debut, that day may not be too far. ”

“The guitarist and vocalist Tola Lamont Boeck, Kurt-Michael along with Fussi Andersen on bass and Dan Warren are NITROVILLE. Can't Stop What's Comin '¨, a declaration of intentions of course. We find a very careful work, produced by Mark Waterman (Smashing Pumpkins), carrying a sound with many shades ranging from pure hard rock such as the topic Tell It Like It Is and Coming On Strong with a very interesting vocal work, through the southern sound of Cuts to The Bone and Dust Devil to best style Lynyrd Skynyrd. You could say that as they do not have a definite style, but as I heard, we can say that they get to order all those influences and birth topics like Killing Kind, Got What It Takes, full tracks and compact, with a serious guitar good vocal work and a very interesting bass. NITROVILLE and Can't Stop What's Comin' directly to the head, with no additives or effects, perfect if you like Hard rock with touches of Southern. 8/10.”

“Nitroville is a female fronted rocknroll band from London, U.K. The band formed in 2010 and one year later, they release their debut album "Can't stop what's comin'". That´s impressive to be so fast with the songwriting part since there are some bands taking almost a decade to release a record, geez. I really like their singer Tola Lamont who has a great voice for this type of bluesy southern influenced rock, they´ve got a great groove in some of the songs. A decent piece of work where the AC/DC-like "Let it roll" stands out. ”

“Boeck delivers both dirty riffs and bluesy solos with ease, Both he and Danish bassist Andersen capture the desert atmosphere, especially in the intro of “Cuts To The Bone”, which also showcases frontwoman Lamont’s lyrical storytelling and American drawl, despite her Anglo-Scottish origins. The band balance a fine line between producing a clean and soulful sound yet avoiding the modern overpolished feel of similar bands. Lamont’s vocals in particular are incredibly clear, whether singing of unworthy men (“Got What It Takes”) or the open road (“Dust Devil”), Lamont is both strong and confident, like the old school of Lita Ford and Joan Jett. Can’t Stop What’s Comin’ is incredibly strong. Ultimately, Nitroville have left us with a very promising début full of bluesy hard rock that will appeal to both those that grew up with oldies like Free and newcomers like Black Country Communion. 11 songs of high quality rock to blast whilst driving, preferably in the desert.”

“‘Can’t Stop What’s Comin’’ is also a visual album, as it can be a perfect soundtrack for any old school thriller or a Joe Lansdale book. It has strong vocals, able to stand out from the background (‘Cheating the Hangman’, ‘Twist the Chain’) and powerful instruments: the guitar, which avoiding the pedal creates a pleasantly raw sound (‘Coming on Strong’, ‘Let it Roll’), the drums and the bass blend in and ably play with the voice in tracks like ‘Cuts to the Bone’ and ‘Got What it Takes’. The vocals, which may be the thing that struck me the most, get sexier and languid in some more Aerosmith/ZZ-oriented tracks, like ‘Dust Devil and ‘Bad Blood’. From a blues rock lover to all the blues rock lovers out there, this is an album you definitely should get. ”

“If no frills blues driven hard rock is up your alleyway, then it is well worth listening to London based rockers NitroVille. Their debut 'Can't Stop What's Comin', offers 11 tracks of lyrical story telling with rock solid musicianship. Fronted by Tola Lamont, the band was formed by Tola and guitarist Kurt Michael Boeck in 2010. This album is no frills hard edged rock, the kinda music that will send lovers of AC/DC and the like into raptures. Just listen to 'Bad Blood', 'Cheating The Hangman' and 'Dust Devil' to get a rough idea the kinda road this band are travelling on. Produced by Mark Waterman (Ride, Smashing Pumpkins) at London’s Fortress Studios (Biffy Clyro, Nickleback, Therapy), the album will be available on itunes and other digital stores on Monday 27th June, and hard copies should also be made available. Check the band out at their reverbnation, but my 'early years' were spent listening to this style of music, and this is damn good 8.75/10 (Dave). ”