Niño Zombi / Press

“Based on our listen, the following aspects of Niño Zombi's music are outstanding. Performance: Energy: Their tracks had rousing energy that moved us as listeners. They sound confident in their musical skills and the parts they are playing. Timing / Togetherness: We thought all the elements sounded tight on the songs. Everything was locked in here. Songwriting: Chorus: Is there a songwriting element more important than the chorus? We think they can hang with the best jams we hear as far as the choruses are concerned. They need to keep writing those anthems. Production: Arrangement / Instrumentation Having a good arrangement, with the right instrumentation, helps give listeners a better sense of what's happening melodically and harmonically. Their arrangements were just right. Nice job.”

“Niño Zombi, horror-themed skacore without a U.S. label but with clever songs and one mother-fuckton of hustle. Tight as a Stax soul revue and sporting two trombones, this chunky, churning hybrid music deserved a spot further up the bill, but this kind of depth-bomb opener tends to have long lasting effects on the room. Already, Slim's was full of giggling punkettes and their metal-studded male pursuers, their few inhibitions erased by goodtime noise. read more on link.. ”