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"I am so scared of this.... but that's good" - Bob Ezrin

Bob Ezrin (KISS, Alice Cooper)

"A Death Metal Version of Fishbone"

““Insanely infunktious choruses, these hook-laden songs would certainly give the bands peers a shit-scare…Brilliant.” – ABORT Magazine”

““Think a 3 piece Mr. Bungle with Patton’s vocals taking a turn for the better, add some laser beams and dreads, turn it all up to eleven, stand the fuck back and enjoy!”.”

“Bloody well are entertaining. All dreadlocks and fricking samurai swords, giant pants and flying limbs. Not a speck of the stage was left untouched by this band’s chaotic feet. ”

Cord Magazine

“ The album itself is a blend of Hardcore, Punk, Ska, Rock & Metal, a recipe for brilliance. I urge everyone to check out this band, you may just re-evaluate your existence. ”