Nineteen Thirteen / Press

“Chamber music from a very dark chamber in which the cello becomes a striking and moody lead instrument and in which technology is a method for enhancing an ancient sound.”

“The evening started with 1913, the two percussionists one cello group that can raise goosebumps. Their final song, a mysterious version of Ravel's "Bolero" was one of the best versions of the song I have ever heard. Unusual and excellent.”

“Who ever heard of a band with a cello and two drummers? My guess is nobody, but this music is as enveloping as I've ever heard. The entire audience sat, entranced, at the sound that came from the stage. When they left the stage the crowd was almost deathly silent for a moment or two before erupting into applause. It was a magic performance and well worth seeing the next time they play.”

"The combination of Johnson and Delorenzo’s playing yields a dual channel stereo cave of beats inside which Schiff’s cello sings. Repetition, elaboration and conversation are the foundational elements in the music."