Nikki Hornsby / Press

"This IS America" broadcast once on CNN International TV should be played for this July 4th week of celebrations by Americans. Hear for yourself https://soundcloud.com/cjpstaff/this-is-america and blast it at parties & from your car!

“A New Links Page launched by CJPStaff”

“FIVE Translations of “Just Lovin You” found online You Tube http://youtu.be/-U6yrEQtEjw View support videos of these translation below: German: New issue: http://youtu.be/TUMIIgg_Gu0 French: New issue: http://youtu.be/EtlZMK4zOZk Italian: New issue: http://youtu.be/0B8Jfw2PBM4 English: http://youtu.be/tt-NLSIQWO8 or http://is.gd/S0eCC8 Spanish: http://youtu.be/R9wA9hQxkEs or http://is.gd/vclJPX ”

“Photo of the CEO President of Grammy Foundation & Ex Dir. Grammy Museum in front of Nikki Hornsby's grandfather's display for Columbia Records at Grammy Museum Los Angeles CA USA”

“Nikki Hornsby's Grandfather's work in Grammy Museum”