Nikki Britt - Nashville Recording Artist / Press

"18-year old phenom, Nikki Brick released her debut album "Ready To Ride". This album offers great insight into her as an artist."

Country Weekly

"The little girl grows up without a daddy. After a long time he decides he wants to see her." Nikki Britt handles the sentimental material confidently and the piano-dominated Nashville production supports her at every turn." (RE: Do I Look Like Him)

Robert K. Oermann - Music Row Magazine

"Stuttering guitars and a funky backbeat support a pert vocal on a cute spelling song. Highly listenable." (referring to COWBOY)

Robert K. Oermann - Music Row Magazine

"She has a great voice, but she also has emotion and inflection to go along with it. She has an uncanny way of making the realism of a song come out even though she’s so young and hasn’t had [a lot of] life experience yet."

Brick Township Bulletin

"I really like the sound of country. It was one of the music genres that most hit me, Nikki Britt says. "I like how country songs tell a story."

Brick Times