Niki Barr Band / Press

“The Niki Barr Band is one of the hardest working bands I've seen in recent years, and their debut album was probably the most neglected piece of work in the industry - I hadn't heard a debut that good since the early '90s. Any radio stations that haven't at least tried putting her on their playlist are bonified morons.”

“With scorching tracks like Love Yourself and Worry, along with the slow aching ballad sound of Fallen and the hot lyrics of Sex Fiend, make this not only one of the top rock albums of the year but possibly the decade.”

“They are a talented band with their own sound, a blend influenced by metal and punk. Most songs are a tasty combination of metal riffs delivered with a punk attitude... This is one solid rock album from start to finish.”

“There's also no better feeling then waking up in the van, or on a plane, staring at a city you've never seen before, knowing that in a few hours you're going to play music...it's a rush. When you find a band that shares the same feeling some real magic happens.”

“Tesla was followed up with a late night performance by the Niki Barr Band and HOLY SHIT….this band rocks.”

"She's like a Joey Ramone in a pixie body."

Anonymous Fan - Take That!

“Though in her early twenties, she sounds like a thoroughly seasoned pro, not only capable of writing smart, catchy, unharnessed rock songs but delivering them with enough power and passion to make most of the competition seem reserved by comparison.”

“ Barr will never have much trouble winning over fans of such obvious kindred spirits as Joan Jett and Chrissie Hynde.”

"Mixing rock, pop and enough Grrrl power to remind you of the female rockers who helped pioneer that sound, 'Lush' is a hard-rocking effort that might be just the kick in the ass that sends this rock and roll femme fatale over the top. She’s got the look, the sound, and she’s got the songs.

“Imagine three gladiators in a five-foot-three capsule and that's the energy and intensity of Niki Barr.”

“It seems so seldom that a local band throws caution to the wind and goes all out in the shadow of a headliner with the Cult's stature. Surprise #1: Niki and company played their all too short set as though they were the main attraction.”

“..don’t let her small demeanor fool you..onstage, Niki is a powerful singer that almost glows while she’s exuding all of her energy and whether she’s strumming her guitar or singing, she’s pouring her heart into her performance and you really can’t fake that!”

“A lot of successful musicians have to battle crowds, but few have to duck into bunkers to avoid incoming mortar fire.”

“Their performance had that intangible strength that comes from confidence. It wasn't the songs themselves so much as how they dug deep to play them. Their infectious energy didn't go unnoticed: The next day, they were invited to join the tour for two more dates in Buffalo and Indianapolis.”

“Niki's voice is one that needs to be experienced live to understand it's power and potential. With so many voices being produced on CD, it's refreshing, and amazing, to hear this young, small framed woman fill up a cavernous venue with her strong, warm vocals.”

“In a way it’s hard to compare Niki to other female rockers. Niki’s intensity matches any of her contemporaries, either male or female.. the Niki Barr Band has become a rock music force to be reckoned with.”