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Nightvision / Press

“Opening with 'Sob Story' from their forthcoming album, the band literally exploded into action with a tight-knit sound that many veteran bands would envy. Guitarist Neil 'Bolda' Wallis delivers the sizzling riffs that fans of the band's previous album have come to expect, whilst Dean Hocking's bass playing brings so much to the songs that at times you wonder if a second guitarist has joined in. Daryl Hocking's drumming doesn't just provide the rhythm but adds an incredible depth to the music that gives this band their unique sound. The biggest change though is in singer Dave McKee, who has not only become more confident in his live singing, but has relaxed into a truly captivating frontman with his nifty dance moves and audience interaction. ”

“Consequence Of Sin is a great album that should appeal to many rock and metal fans, its has the harder edged rhythm's that can hold their own alongside any contemporary band, the hard rock melodies and lyrics should keep the band accessable to fans of rock as opposed to metal. I dont think that there is a bad track on this cd, and once again Nightvision along with countless other Uk bands prove that there is plenty of life in the Uk rock and metal music scene!! Highly reconmended Rating - 10/10”

“It’s the simplicity of the musicianship that makes Consequence of Sin all the more enjoyable. Most rock bands nowadays just want to shred like a mad man and blast beat, but because Nightvision have structure to their songs and have a good memorable melody lines, they are able to wow the listener by just being themselves and being 100 times more better than any band doing this kind of music at the moment. You can just how simple, I mean amazing these booming guitar riffs, bass grooves, drum lines and vocal parts are in killer tracks like ‘Enter Escapism’, ‘Petrol and Practice’ and ‘What Makes you Bad’ which seem to come out of the stereo at you like Hulk Hogan’s fist. ”

“The album opens with heavy, almost thrash, riff which clearly shows that they have resolved the “are we rock or are we metal” question with a definite swing towards the hard and heavy end of the musical spectrum. Oh the neat melodies, intelligent lyrics and huge drag-you-in hooks are all still there but this is a much louder, harder and heavier effort as the band strongly assert their developing musical identity. With so many groups attempting to occupy the same swathe of musical territory it takes something a bit special to stand out, and Nightvision deliver that with panache. From the very first notes of So Many Lies you just know this is going to be something a bit special. Although it’s still recognisably the same band it just sounds, and feels, so much better. I feel this is largely down to the development in musical style, which has been remarkable.”

“Nightvision are carving out a nice little niche for themselves, neither too heavy, nor to light, indeed it is this very “sound” that they have created that makes them stand out, some may say they are to heavy to be a mainstream rock band, other say they are to light to be a full on metal band, but isn’t that the point, to be different ?, to be “Nightvision”. Nightvision have jumped up a few notches with there 2nd release, and this is more assured than their debut, “As The Lights Go Down”, itself not a bad record. ”

“This particular album, Consequence of Sin, feels very much like “Sleaze Metal” to me. It’s got the crunchy riffs and lyrics typically associated with sleaze rock, but the heavy rhythm, solo’s and vocals of some good old metal. When compared to their previous offering, “As The Lights Go Down”, this album has really taken a step up. See full review at http://www.phoenix-rising.biz/?q=Consequence_of_Sin”

“I suppose good old rock ‘n’ roll is the best description for Nightvision, you know, the good hearted eighties to nineties feel good rock, bordering on the all too common label of modern hard rock. Well, the newly titled ‘Consequence of Sin’ certainly consists of all the elements of a well-polished piece of art; punchy beats, precise vocals and gritty riffs. Click the link for the full in depth review! http://getyourrockout.co.uk/wp/album-reviews/album-reviews/nightvision-consequence-of-sin/”

“Also on that bill will be Lincolns NIGHTVISION … This band were made for festivals. They stormed the stage here last year and did the same at SOS Fest 2010. Frontman Dave McKee rules the stage with a swagger like he was born to be a Rock ‘n’ Roll singer. Backed up by Bolda on lead guitar and the awesome rhythm section of brothers Daryl and Dean Hocking keeping the beat to what was a superb set”

“In Esscence the festival started properly about 30 secs into a stunning set from Lincoln's NIGHTVISION I've had the pleasure of seeing these 4 guys before on a couple of occasions but what I and the rest of the SOS crowd experienced on Saturday night 10th July for around 35 mins was as good as Heavy Metal gets. They were Imperious from start to finish, songs like Nightmare, Love aint Cheap and new track Post Tour Blues blew everyone away, the crowd picked up on the bands vibe straight away and the party started ... Dave .. Dean .. Daryl and Bolda threw every Metal pose known to man and we lapped it up like Star struck little Girlies at a JLS Concert !!!!! Lift off for NIGHTVISION is very very close. ”

“Apart from Irish rockers The Answer, the international resurgence of hard rock music is being led by the US (Black Stone Cherry, Parlor Mob) and Scandinavia (Hardcore Superstar), but finally England has produced a new contender. Nightvision share some close similarities with Black Stone Cherry on the likes of Sick And Tired, Sentenced To The Gallows and Nightmare, and draw in other influences elsewhere, like the Richie Sambora main riff of After Dark, a Lordi stamp on Something Better and a healthy Suicidal Tendencies groove on Demons. Nightvision tap just about every vein of hard rock music to produce an album that cannot be found lacking in any area; each song demonstrating the kind of raw energy hard rock was built on in the first place. ”

“BRITISH, AS THEY SAY, IS BEST. And if you want the best of British music you should also watch out for the young, up-and-coming artistes known collectively as Nightvision who definitely deserve to be noticed. ”

“As a debut album, this is a very impressive body of work. Nightvision have managed to construct an album that acknowledges its influences, Megadeth, Metallica, Black Label Society, Black Stone Cherry and more alternative bands like Alice In Chains and Soundgarden - yet still admirably retaining its own identity. The band seem to know where their strengths lie - yet aren’t afraid to step outside their comfort zones in order to test themselves - or indeed their audience's preconceptions about them. I understand even their own management don’t know how to promote them - such is their diversity. This I feel is a problem that won't hold them back, but merely see them play to wider audiences, and on this evidence they will be suitably impressed. Nightvision are hot on the heels of the leading pack, so catch them while you can still afford the tickets ”

“Nightvision are one of a number of quality hard rock bands in the UK at the moment that, given the right opportunity, are surely destined for bigger and better things........I really can't recommend this album highly enough and As The Lights Go Down is one of the best debut albums I have heard by a British band for a long time.”