Night's Bright Colors / Press

“Night’s Bright Colors gives us an epic length statement, broken into two parts and 22 tracks. And as you might expect, this makes for an especially colorful evening.”

“Few artists are able to capture the mixture of loneliness, desperation and underpinning of bittersweet moments that Elliott Smith embodied.. but what clinches the comparison is that he really is a songwriter on the level that Elliott set so high.”

“Excellent indie-pop, very intimate songcraft, whispered boy vocals, a shy sense of folk poetry...”

“Night’s Bright Colors wrings velvety blue and cool gray from every post-shoegaze note.”

“After the slightly more upbeat Parry The Wind, we get the gorgeous stand out track Bottle Scars. It has delightful finger picked guitars and whispered vocals, its Simon & Garfunkel updated with tender care. Late Night is a satisfied but world weary sigh, which closes a fine album.”