Night Nurse / Press

“...sounds not a million miles from Siouxsie fronting the Stray Cats if I may be so bold....All in all a really strong introduction to a band I certainly hope to hear more of.”

“After their eponymous debut Night Nurse deliver an almost perfect follow-up, which already now makes Lust, on the subsequent album...”

“What I witnessed was four songs that mark an astonishing enhancement in sound and songwriting. To put in in other words: If you didn't miss anything on the album, you will nonetheless get something even more thrilling here...”

“Go to the B side and the gigantic Night Nurse from Finland: Nurse Camy and her crew I have ever imagined and with "Down To The Bone" and especially "Mean Old Low Down Dirty Bastard" she blew me away on this disc from the stool. This is a beautiful guitar and rhythm accented Psychobilly, and the voice together with a dark backing choir leaves one's hair stand on end. Woooo!”

“Review in InHard Magaxine. 4/5 Stars!”

"Definitely one of the best psychobilly publications of the last months!"

"Another thing that carries weight in a very positive way are the very catchy melodies and the fact that the band isn’t repeating the same recipe over and over again. Each song has a character of its own"

“Tough Magazine - 4/5 stars.”