"Little War in the Midwest" flaunts wailing, corrosive guitar riffing reminiscent of Jimmy Page's Yardbirds work. The stark, mantric "H-Bomb" crosses Can's "Mother Sky" with the Human Beinz's "Nobody but Me," but slows them down to a menacing lope.

Dave Segal - The Stranger

"Stampede" hints at the Velvets' "Run Run Run," but is more primal. Rajan's voice often assumes a rawer Robert Plant–like plaint, with a tendency to shift into melismatic anguish.

“Night Beats are not playing dress-up; they are writing songs. Since Traeger moved here a few weeks ago, they've conceived a whole new live set. They already had a solid foundation, as evidenced by the six-track Street EP, which Rajan recorded solo on GarageBand in his apartment.”