Nigel Burch and the Flea-Pit Orchestra / Press

“Preceding Bates was singer/banjoist Nigel Burch's Fleapit Orchestra, which sounds like a cross between the music of Ian Dury, Brecht and Weill, an Irish pub band and a 1950s skiffle group. The urban-alienation songs might be too explicitly crammed with messages for some, but plenty of fierce, spontaneous playing - notably from the unrelated Dylan Bates, dubbed "the Paganini of Penge" - added the necessary ambiguities.”

“Bottle Suckers of the world unite. “We are no philosophers, we’ve got no thoughts at all. With not one brain-cell between us, we sit staring at the wall … Rooted to our bar-stools, just like cabbages in a row,” sings the band’s singer-songwriter Nigel Burch, who backs himself by playing banjulele, a cross between a banjo and a ukelele, in a song called “Me and All the Other Vegetables.””

“Burch’s lyrics are both humorous and gritty, and they are as poignant as they are debauched. Most of all, his urban ditties invite you to enjoy a drink (or several), or perhaps you can appreciate them even more if you’re already drunk. No wonder that Nigel Burch once received correspondence from the genius that is Charles Bukowski, describing Burch’s writing as “the best cure for a hangover”.”