Nieve / Press

“This album brings back the magic of notebooks. I remember when my notebooks held the magic of the rhymes I had written, and it was truly magic in them. Nieve's notebooks have tapped into that magic well and definitely weave spells on the listener. Even the music makes me see the notebooks. Cook (Orpheus around here) absolutely brings some true heat on this album as well. This could have come out during the Low End Theory days and fit right in. A mixture of jazz and Hip Hop with awesome LIVE instruments and wonderful vocals provided by Jean Curley I'm glad I got to review it because I'm rotating in the ride heavily. Anime Superhero - Great way to start. The beat is cool as hell and it's a head nodder. The hook stays in your head and the delay FX were done well! I like this song a lot. The scratches are tight. Lyrics are really good, back to notebooks!Do yourself a favor and take a step back in time, Nieve is keeping hiphop alive!”