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"Of Dogs And Bones is one of these albums that take you on a melancholy journey, its strength lies in its reserve and unobtrusiveness."

"Without a doubt, Niels Cremer may be called a musical jack of all trades."

“Wow! Great songs, stunning arrangements and instrumentation. Vocals and recording are wonderfully dynamic, and all in truly superb sound quality, kudos!”

““Right with the first listen [Time] lodges itself in the listener’s head […]. The playful intro to the song is simply wonderful and just irresistible.””

"Wonderful, hand-made music, my compliments!! His songs are written in the best singer-songwriter tradition."

Hans Wiedemann (Bayerischer Rundfunk) - about "Of Dogs And Bones"

“Enjoyable pop-music for an evening out on the porch.”

“Once again [...] Niels Cremer, with years of experience [...] in songwriting and solo-performances, inspired the audience [...]! Tonight we saw only musicians who [...] have become an integral part of the regional music-scene!”

Music IN concerts, Ingolstadt

“Niels Cremer was voted "Mollys Liebling" in the songwriter contest held at Molly Malone's in Ingolstadt! Niels was able to rally most votes in a tight contest that made him the audience's fourth reigning "Liebling" (sweetheart).”

“Song of the Year is excited to recognize Niels for his exceptional songwriting ability for the song “I’ll Take The Early Train”. Niels competed against songwriters from all over the world for this honor.”

Nomination "Finalist" folk category - Song Of The Year

“[...] Cremer’s handwriting on this EP is [...] reminiscent of John Hiatt or even Crosby Stills & Nash [...]”

Hooked On Music - about "Seed, Creed & Generation"

“[...] The Munich-based singer-songwriter Niels Cremer introduced his brand-new debut EP. His music is influenced by Folk, Country, Blues and Rock and appeals by being both melodic as well as technically sophisticated [...]”

Donau Kurier - about "Seed, Creed & Generation"

“[…] With his debut EP “Seed, Creed & Generation”, Niels Cremer enters the ranks of the classic storytellers who traditionally see their roots in folk, country or blues within the wider genre of Americana music […]”

Hooked On Music - about "Seed, Creed & Generation"

“The accompaniment of multi-instrumentalist Niels Cremer fit perfectly. Whether he plays guitar, mandolin, upright bass or harmonica - [he] shows himself to great advantage [...].”

Landsberger Tagblatt

“Without reservation, one may refer to Cremer as a multi-talented artist […]”

Hooked On Music - about "Seed, Creed & Generation"

“The former sidekick to Marybeth D’Amico proves that next to Markus Rill and a couple of other writers in the genre, there are more hidden talents whose songwriting skills point towards a hopeful future.”

Frank Ipach - Craving Hands

“Niels Cremer understands his trade, knows how to craft and compose a coherent and convincing song (Our Barn and The Early Train e.g. are promising examples) and plays an excellent acoustic guitar […]”

Hooked On Music - about "Seed, Creed & Generation"