Nicole D'Amico and Friends / Press

“D'Amico's voice is strong bourbon, and this song slithers forward with a slow, easy grace and an underlying sense of funk. It's a classic hot summer soul song, the kind that lets you just ease into the groove, until it finally carries you away.”

“Nicole D’Amico and Friends is a local band whose music turns the world of genre classification on it’s backside...They rocked it. The vocals of Nicole and Rachel perfectly blend and harmonize over the music laid down by the rest of the band...I had a great time at their show listening to their folky, funky, fresh music and relaxing around good people…So next time they are around go grab some beers and dance your head off to their fun rhythms and soulful vocals… ”

“The ace up DCAP’s sleeve is, without a doubt, the supporting vocalist Nicole D’Amico and the orgiastic wailing of her smoky soul-powered voice. ”

“Five Highlights of Wormtown 2011: Nicole D’Amico and Friends played for us early birds on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. and it was such an amazing treat to hear her profound, soulful voice. It was one of those festival sets you don’t plan on seeing but end up being very glad you did.”

“Nicole D'Amico, you know the name and the girl when she's on stage, the one owning the stage dancing and singing at ranges I didn't even know existed. One of my favorite vocalists, I don't care if she's singing solo or with a band, I'll pay money to see her sing.”