Nicole Boggs / Press

"Nicole Boggs is a rising star. With honest, direct songwriting and a soulful voice that grabs you immediately, she is a talent we'll all be hearing about soon."

David Cook, music director for Taylor Swift

"Many times, Nicole has performed at my writers night in Nashville for a noisy room and silenced the audience on the first note. She puts her entire soul into her music, and it's infectious. Everyone wants a part of it, and you will, too!"

Ashley Norton, host of Hotel Indigo Music Row Songwriter's Night

"Nicole is as beautiful as she is intelligent; as intelligent as she is talented; and as talented as anyone who has ever opened their mouth to sing! The first time she sang for me, I thought, "Wow, I've never heard anyone like her before!" Nicole is a true artist who, even at this young age, knows who she is - listen to her sing, and you'll know who she is, too!"

Rebecca Self, songwriter

"Nicole is a soulful, heartfelt singer, writer and entertainer. You can feel the music all the way down to your soul when she is performing."

Tim Gonzalez, harmonica player for Los Lonely Boys

"Nicole has become one of my favorite cowriters. She has an amazing voice that reminds me why I got in the music business."

Christopher Rowe, songwriter/engineer/studio owner

"Nicole Boggs is one of those rare talents that captures a youthful and old soul sound at the same time. The world is about to receive a great musical gift."

Scott Van Zen, producer/songwriter/guitarist

"Nicole Boggs is highly-educated musically and is being very diligent in her quest to write good songs, record them with a good band, and sing them with authenticity."

Ed Greene, session drummer

"Nicole is a joy to work with. A true neo-soul flower child."

Bob Marinelli, session bass player

"It is rare to find her kind of talent in anyone, let alone a woman of her tender years. I could not help but think that this is an artist who, if properly nurtured, has what it takes to do amazing things."

Bryan Allansmith, house sound engineer for The Gin Blossoms

"I have had the privilege of knowing Nicole Boggs for the last 9 years. In that amount of time, I have witnessed her develop into not only a tremendous vocalist but a very talented songwriter and arranger. The depth of her abilities goes far beyond her age and is only exceeded by the depth of her being."

James Scott Alexander, musician for Jeremy Lister

"Nicole's diligence has always been inspiring. She is an extraordinarily talented singer, songwriter and musician. I'm very proud to have worked with her on several projects. If given every resource available to further her growth as an artist and business woman, there is no doubt in my mind, Nicole will be leading the way."

Al Wilson, live drummer for Taylor Swift