Nick Tann / Press

“The most obvious selling points of his music are a wonderfully expressive and technically wide vocal range and the ability to wring a playing style out of his twelve string guitar that sits somewhere beyond the merely rhythmic and fleshed out with delicate intricacies and atmospheric pauses that he works into the music. The devil, as they say, is in the detail and it is Nick’s understanding of this that raises his music above the competition.”

"There is something wonderfully refreshing and direct about the songwriting and delivery of Nick Tann. I'm reviewing "Bought Online", but could easily be reviewing the physical copy of the same album, "Bought At A Gig". By and large this album is Nick Tann, his twelve string and a great selection of songs. At times it's edgy stuff, boardering on raw, but, to use that most twee of phrases, it's all real. This is an album that is honest about what it conveys and in many ways that is particulary true of the instrumental sections of the album, where the guitar really does get to lead" Fatea Magazine

“As a singer-songwriter, Nick Tann is old school. Old school in that he fashions the kind of songs others may wish to use. Released through his own Pure Acoustica label, “Don’t Make Me Wait” is a collection of six stripped down songs showcasing just acoustic guitar and vocals. We kick off with “How Do You Sleep?” where the song’s dynamic is built around an edgy, slightly unhinged yet startlingly powerful vocal performance by Tann. “The Day After The Night Before” and the title track recall classic Squeeze melodically whilst the playfully bluesy “Glad You Came” gives Tann another chance to show off his powerhouse voice. As the Pure Acoustica tagline suggests, ‘the power is in the performance.’ Nick Tann has little to learn about the songwriting art. He’s done the rounds over the years, working with various bands. His songs have a quality of being both contemporary and timeless. Prepare to be impressed.”