Nick Peay / Press

“Louisville's Nick Peay puts the ukulele front and center in his fun and happy songs, and guess what? It sounds right at home – almost to the point that it would be tough to imagine Peay's music without that familiar tone of the miniature stringed instrument. The ukulele, an inherently happy sounding instrument, simply fits in Peay's music. Much like the ukulele, Peay is almost impossibly upbeat, and even his vocal delivery seems inherently bright. In a time of the angst-filled and sexually-driven music on the airwaves, this collection is a nice breath of fresh air.”

"[T]he beauty in his voice and gentle delivery of each note are, in their own way, sheer, exquisite inspiration...[T]he words 'It’s like I’m lost inside of a rain drop falling from your thoughts hangin’ round,' may be the ones that swept me off of my feet. Sing on, Mr. Peay. We’re here for you.

“Rocker, crooner, record label owner and manager; “And not necessarily in that order,” says Nick Peay, the architect behind OK Zombie and red corduroy music. “It just depends on what’s going on. If OK Zombie has a show coming up, we practice; if red corduroy music is releasing a CD, I’m out promoting, marketing and talking it up; some days I just like to sit and sing old Frank Sinatra tunes.” With red corduroy music recording and releasing four EP’s this summer (including an EP of Peay’s singer/songwriter tunes) and OK Zombie recording a new album due out in October, there’s no time for tomfoolery. “As much as I like tomfoolery,” laughs Peay, “our roster’s full.””

"It’s rare to hear originality and honesty combined together these day in the business. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to find both qualities resounding through the music of Louisville’s Nick Peay. His uncomplicated, heartfelt songs could soon be heard all over..."

“Nothing feels contrived or forced; more raw and organic and I will go out on a limb and say, these songs are as they should be. The emotive songwriting and the simple, yet poignant musicality paired with tight production work make ["Feathers & Fables"] one damn good listen.”

“The music is clean, goes down smooth, and the messages are extremely thought provoking and passionate in nature. It’s strong suit – the deeply rich production value, amazing songs and strong vocal presence from Nick Peay possesses enough musical talent and songwriting prowess to be extremely dangerous.”