Nick Gill / Press

“Overall, Gill’s EP is quite an accomplishment. The singer’s voice is suited to the subject matter on the album, and he doesn’t stray from the sounds that work for him. The lyrical maturity of the album should also get the record some traction. Hopefully, there are more gems to come out of this artist who has now got to deliver consistently to make an impact in an industry filled with guitar wielding singer songwriters. ”

“Gill shows much promise musically as his career has only just begun. There’s great raw emotion communicated through his tracks enabling Gill to sound more like a young Jack Johnson rather than a high school student playing guitar.”

“At 18, Nick Gill is way ahead of the curve in the music business. The singer/songwriter recently released his third CD, a self-titled EP available in local stores and online. He also has a game plan for life after high school, and if he has his way, his muse would tag along for the ride.”

“Nick Gill’s latest release isn’t a full album — but it’s a whale of a calling card. ”

“.....One singer/songwriter has proven he’s more than a mere blip on the radar. Nick Gill of Fairhope, a multi-talented Bayside Academy junior, recently released his sophomore album, “Through the Straight & Narrow,” which has already done well in industry polls.”

“(About "The New World") A simple strum, a common enough rite of passage, but memorably captured. It's a nice trick to simultaneously convey both your happiness for someone making a transition and the sadness you feel at missing them.”