Nick Fügedi / Press

“I wouldn't called Nick Fugedi of Kalamazoo, Michigan a simple man.., but I would say his music is simple, uncomplicated and unadorned with tricks or gimmicks. It's solid songwriting and is sublime to listen to, as a musician and vocalist. He's right on the verge of something.. you sense, 'tho he seems in no hurry to get 'there'. You can read between the lines that this tune might hold a clue as to how this artist feels about leaving his comfortable base for a larger unknown environment, but with a certainity this reviewer feels he's got nothing to worry about. He's already successful at the hardest part of being a musician.., being one of substance and unique style, one easily identifiable and that Nick has already accomplished. Get a copy and/or give a listen to the "The Sand and The Sea" on MySpace - and see don't you agree. ~BD of www.EdenDustMedia.com ”