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“Genius like NICK and please compose and announce much more music.It is ROCK just NO1 you are a real pro!”

“Nick you are a legend bro....very proud to have u in my life. I'll branch and listen to some of your song now on myspâce.”

“Great job, amazing music, nice voice and performer! Thanks for inviting me, everything I like, thank you! They want a wonderful evening, a large number of visitors reverbnation fans, and facebook ...! ? Long live the beautiful music!”

“Great songs. Great vocals. Great music. You have it all. Keep on making music magic.”

“Great song in Unbreakable, amazing how you tie in the keyboard effects and silky smooth piano. Great work Nick, no wonder you are #1 in the UK.”

“Great music, and lyrics! They're so unpredictably awesome. Just when I thought I got the gist of a song, you take me somewhere unexpected. Fantastic”

“Truly an honor to meet you here on RN. Great original sound. Baby blue is an amazing song. Wishing you well in 2012 ”

“You are a special talent and will go far. Keep up the great work. ”

“I've watched you do really awesome for some time now! Genius!”

“Thanks for the fanup! Heluva sound you have there. "Heart of Darkness" is Pop genius. Keep doing what you do.”

“Thank you for allowing a simple fella like me to be exposed to a MAJOR talent such as your'self and a Great Artist. Thank you brother.”

"hey man what made you write unbreakable ? this is me right now may God bless and keep you my brother many sing but few give life their music this is i cant describe it wow!"

"incredible collection of impressive, catchy intelligent material !"

"Hi Nick, I just listened to your tracks and I can tell you that I love what you do, your harmonics are great, your voice serious glue positioned perfectly to your music ... Continue like that, I'm a fan ..."

"Hi Nick, I just listened to your tracks and I can tell you that I love what you do, your harmonics are great, your voice serious glue positioned perfectly to your music ... Continue like that, I'm a fan ..."

"What's good Nick? Thanks for the Music..I think ur sound is Different and Awesome..Ur friend Jamar!"

"Hey Nick cool tunes, very unique sound, a nice mixture indeed :) love the effects on london apocolypse.....greets from ireland The Nameless Deity Catchy Melodic/Progressive Metal ,have some songs up,feel free to have a listen and see what ya think, a new band so any comments would be much appreciated :) "

"I've not been keeping tabs on Myspace friends... But after your mails i though fair enough.. I'll take a listen.. Man... i LOVE some those songs.. Currently listning to Velvet Night... :-) Great Music.. Thankyou.."

"Hello, I just listened to your songs. All in all, I do like your works. There are reasons why I do so: the piano on the right in "Unbreakable" or the bass in "where is the sun" and the synth in "lift me up". My compliments for composition and arrangement! Good work, my friend! Go ahead!"

“Thank you! This morning I listened to your new Album - it is easy to hear. Many-sided and Atmospheric :-) A lot of success and the best greetings from Germany”

"All hail the myspace Overlord. Lovin' it man, great music. PEACE and best vibes from a rain soaked Glasgow"

“Thanks for sharing. Isn't life so much fun & o so unsurprising bodies You are beautiful, Sir Nick. Your music is gold, Nick. Sweet hugs my friend!”

“Love the sound Nick..Unbreakable ;) Voice is great also...OLD school with new spin.............”

“hi nick just listened to unbreakable and it is awsesome,can't wait for the next one. great work!!”

“just been informed I will be featured artist on Reverbnation and my music will be exposed to 25 million people and 110 million visits! Niceeeeeeeeeee!.”

“Nick ;) Unbreakable is an excellent song! ;)) Well done! Enjoy your weekend! Best Wishes”

“Hello, I wanted to tell you that you make great music that I love your songs, your words are sublime here is a true. artist who loves his job, I hope to put on my list on my space some of your songs but I can not and that's a shame. amicalement”

“ Hello Nick! Your voice is baritone, has been very good for alternative music. Your sound is impressive. Is committed to leaving her in the throat. Being in harmony with the sound of instruments. You can select the strongest issues. This ensures you're strong. There are many years ahead of you. You need to emphasize the social and global issues. Important for the world not to comment, it is important to change the world. You can make a significant contribution to music. ”

“Congratulations Nick Ubreakble is very amazing, i'm so excited of it, i love so much Where Is The Sun, Siberia, Snow Queen, I Still Believe, Mid Life Crysis are all potential hits, I imagine them all already arranged in Indie Dance version, but always keeping the original sounds that are superlatives! in your way of making music i feel influences in style by New Order, Blur, Beach Boys with a pinch of Ennio Morricone, Unbreakble reminds me Con Te Partirò by Andrea Bocelli... really a wonderful work, Nick congratulations again!”

“This piece(The Snow Queen) sounds as though it has been created in the 'etheral world' 'above' and therefore takes us there as soon as you hear the very first notes...something 'special' about this...Phil Thornton's music I believe was received from 'the other side' which is here around us all..in and around and above us...the warmth of the tones grip one's very soul holding your attention and leaves you spellbound! This music could only come from a very special creator who possibly has been linked to the 'etheral world' whilst deep in thought composing the words and music..Phil Thornton, Jean Michelle Jarre, Runestone, Yuminale, Hynotrip and The Lost Highway have that 'special' 'etheral' feel to it but this artist beats everyone up here not that it's competition...'Soul' music in a 'different' style (coming from the soul)..many other pieces created by this artist have the same effect on me and I would imagine the rest of whoever listens to it..great Film Music too...lovely! ”

“Just to let you ladies and gentlemen know I will be going into the studio to begin recording my 4th album Umbrella man! A chirpy album full of upbeat guitar based Indie tunes! A less heavy album than my last Overlord! Hope you are all well and enjoying the great talent that these websites exhibit! So far the track listing is as follows - my number one northern lights baby blue falling apart umbrella man kings and queens oh girl starqueen i will wait for you let's go out tonight hope you will enjoy it when it finally arrives! Nick”

“Overlord the new album written and composed by Nick Flavell will be released during June of this year! There will be a "single" released before the album is uploaded to all the major music sites.”

Nick Flavell - New Album