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“All-round this is one fine single. The production is superb, the vocals are soaring and emotive, the arrangement is tight and serves the song instead of distracting from it.”

“Nick Duane: “Rain” – sophisticated rhythms and harmonies that go beyond the pop radio favorites ”

By Jeena Johnson - SOUNDLOOKS Music Journal

“I was curious to read the words “ambient” and “classic rock”, with “indiepop” referring to one song. “Rain” delivers, with layered music melded skillfully and artfully. For me, “ambient” will forever remind me of Brian Eno’s haunting “On Land”. Nick Duane’s song opens briefly in a similar synthetic mode, but quickly surprises and delights. Duane gives us texture by introducing classic rock guitar. By that, I mean, this guy is good. The complexity of his playing is old school, but the sound is fresh. On top of that, the vocals have a raw sound reminiscent of Tom Petty on a less rebellious day. Emotive lyrics flow with the artist’s mood, unconfined by conventional structure. I imagine a thoughtful, slow drive in the rain. This is a song that embraces the rain, but, as Duane says, “celebrates sunshine”. It brings me home.”

“New England based veteran musician, Nick Duane, has been a long time advocate for original Indie music, stating, “You make your music regardless of a recording contract or a live band or any of the arbitrary rules.” With so much of the industry putting out cookie cutter pop songs, Nicks music is refreshingly original. Equally important… his songs are well crafted art brimming with emotion. Stylistically, his music can be described as indie rock infused with ambient synth pop… think 80’s-90’s Bowie meets Sting. Check out Nicks new release, “Rain,””

Acid Fishbowl / Indie Music Reviews & News

“Nick Duane is a synthpop/indie rock/alternative artist who is creating some very moody and interesting textures with his brand new release “Before the Storm”. “Willett Avenue” is recommended listening for fans of dark, dreamy alt rock – definitely easier to sink into than most more mainstream musical fare. With a patient vocal approach that sounds inspired by David Bowie and Bono with a spot of Talking Heads, the avant-garde passion comes across. I’m impressed.”

IMP Artist Review

“Rhode-Island-based Nick Duane comes to the table bearing good tidings of great independent music, with his third album Before The Storm. This album has a very original, unique sound. 14 tracks with a vast sonic range, combining classic inspirations such as Simon & Garfunkel, Sufjan Stevens, Prince, The Police and maybe even a little David Bowie at times.. blended together in his own clever way. His style, and self-proclaimed D.I.Y. systematic, is exemplified in a quote from his website: “These days I like to think of writing music as an idea without boundaries, only opportunities.” My rating: 7.7/10”


“The album is the perfect soundtrack for a rainy highway. I seriously would pick this on 6 occasions out of 5 times right now for any rainy day highway session. Preferably as the driver. The disc also conveys a sense of X Files science fiction, in my opinion, revealed with soberly limited high frequency sonic entities that cleverly refrain from intimidation, and instead are out to invite you into a risk free cosmos-trance. Watch raindrops draw random (?) fractals on the car window in the morning supported by this music to get a spiritual boost. Track number 2, "No Wages", takes you into this Zone pretty efficiently, - think of Blade Runner meets X Files - and this is not the only occasion you will be immersed in this feeling during the spin. Once again, a rather tight and robust - 55 minutes - atmospheric ambient soft rock album with a whole lot of quality stimuli to soak some ears into. Highly recommended. ”

Noise Shaft

“New Indie CD titled “Before the Storm” is the third release of the artist Nick Duane. This album is slightly different from the previous two albums, and the main difference is the solo effort, which Nick has implemented in writing and composing each song. His muse guided him all the way; from the beginning of creating this amazing album till the recording end. There were no boundaries to stop him in creating something different and the result of this magic journey are 14 tracks, each of them evoking contradicting emotions in every person who decides to listen the album “Before the storm”. From the entry song, titled “Willett Avenue”, through the “Blink of An Eye” all the way to “Down to you”, you will find listening yourself “Several Years Away”, which is the last track on this album…”

By K M Rehan Salahuddin

“Before the Storm is a strong release for Duane. His ability to create different moods by using layers of instruments and vocal lines is commendable, going a long way to bridging the gap between audience and performer throughout the record. ”

Matthew Warnock

“Nick Duane is a fine example of the indie music scene. He has found his true self through this music. ”

The Spotlight Zone