Nick D' & the Believers / Press

“After learning of Nick D’ & The Believers songwriting method, the construction of their newest single, “Bang Bang”, taken from their upcoming EP of the same name, made perfect sense. Focusing first on the creation of a chorus, the title track simply beams with its robust, driving melody. Not to say that the verses don’t deliver as well — sharply driven by interwoven, intricate rock ‘n rock synths and heavy percussion, the combination punches the air with deliberate, joyful tones. The cornerstone, though, is the raging solo that occurs at around 2:25 — definitely the emotional and instrumental high of the track. Check it out above, and be sure to follow up with the rest of the EP out 8/19!”

“It was roughly a year ago when the Columbus, Ohio-based threesome Nick D’ & The Believers broke onto the music scene with the release of their EP Throwing Stones. Now, with a new EP in the works that bears the name of their eponymous single “Bang Bang,” the alternative-pop rockers release its accompanying video. Set to a melodic offering of rock synths driven by cohesive percussion energy, the supplemental visuals for the single see the threesome deal with unexpected kidnappings as they dish out some sweet dance moves along the way. The three-song EP Bang Bang is set to drop on August 19th. Watch the video below, and keep up with the band on Twitter HERE and on Facebook HERE.”

“There are always so many good reasons out there to get yourself worked up or down in the dumps, but those other reasons that offset the negatives are much more valuable. The ones that build ships rather than sink them are alarming in their powers. Columbus, Ohio trio Nick D and the Believers find that they’re good at making their hay with the tones of optimists, debunking the thought that we should be sour as we look out on everything. The bumps in the road are part of the ride, and love and happiness might just come to you right after a pothole really rattles your cab. Listen to Nick D and the Believers’ session here.”

“Nick D’ and the Believers write songs with a keen grasp of their inner wiring, the knowledge that barely perceptible details can elevate a few chords and a melody from background music to instantly ingratiating pop song.”