Nichole Hope / Press

“Award-winning artist, Nichole Hope's new EP "Joy", is a great example of why her career has been so successful. Her voice shines on all six of the songs on this album, especially on "Labor of Love" and "O Holy Night," which is not an easy song to sing! "Labor of Love" has a wonderful acoustic feel, along with harmonies that round out the song in a great way. Hope's version of "Let It Snow" will immediately put you in the holiday mood. This Jazz-sounding recording fits Hoe's vocal perfectly and will certainly make its way on to the radio this holiday season. The last song on this EP, "Hallelujah Emmanuel" is another standout song. The track is both rhythmic and full, while creating a sound of jubilation. All six songs on this album are certain to make you want to worship the Lord and prepare for the holidays. There aren't many singers that can pull off these classics, but Nichole Hope sure does!”