Nicholas James Thomasma / Press

“Nicholas James Thomasma, accompanied by violinist Clouds, showed off his impressive voice as he launched his CD-release show at Founders Brewing.”

“Nicholas James & The Bandwagon unleash their audience-pleasing, country-infused folk, rock and Americana music”

“ArtPrize has gotten a little more musical.”

“Eight years and four albums later, he hasn’t looked back.”

“Nicholas James Thomasma, aka Nicholas James, is one of West Michigan's rising singer-songwriter stars.”

“If you. . . love country music and loud Saturday nights, don't miss Nicholas James & The Bandwagon. . .”

“Saturday Night is a solid representation of Michigan alt country. The standards, along with harmonica, pedal steel, fiddle, upright bass, banjo, and accordion fill out the twelve tracks beautifully. The catchy title track kicks off the album, fit for a summer BBQ. Nicholas’s rich, deep vocals croon over “Lone Star in the Northern Sky,” which gradually builds into a soulful highlight.”

“Singer-songwriter Nicholas James Thomasma is a Grand Rapids native and a Michigander to the core. He even has the Great Lakes State tattooed on his arm and professes real love for the region in earthy, country-imbued songs drenched in honesty and authenticity. Thomasma also happens to be a supremely talented singer. . .”

“He's everywhere, as an artist, a supporter of fellow musicians, and a community member. Kind, approachable, thoughtful and passionate, James is the embodiment of that socially conscience songwriter, with a guitar strapped to his back.”

“Last night at The Intersection saw the latest installment of the WYCE Jammie awards. Along with a boatload of performances from local music royalty, the coveted awards were doled out. The Jammies is an annual, regional competition sponsored by community radio station WYCE 88.1 FM. Best album by a new solo artist: Nicholas James Thomasma, “Barefoot” and Mark Lavengood, “From Dust to Steel” ”

“On Tuesday night at The Intersection, the 12th edition of the WYCE Jammies will roll out 26 musical performances on two stages, with awards doled out in 16 categories. . . Performers can feel the celebratory electricity in the air. Take it from singer-songwriter Nicholas James Thomasma, whose “Barefoot” CD is up for a half-dozen awards. Not only will he host the acoustic front lounge stage Tuesday, he’ll play at 8:35 p.m. . . “I’ve always felt a bit starstruck at the Jammies and ... it’s an honor being asked to play in front of people you look up to,” said Thomasma, who “of course” will wear his jammies. “It’s crazy how many talented musicians assemble in one place at a time.””

“Michigan Americana/Country at its most organic. . . Thomasma’s music has a lot to say about the world and his personal approach to things, making one totally expect to hear him at a benefit concert for clean water or the end of sulfide mining. The songs are always gentle, but still push with a focused consciousness.”

“Part folk, part rootsy country, this Grand Rapids singer-songwriter's solo debut has a twangy energy, solid hooks and splendid lyrics. . .”

“With an almost Appalachian-like country twang and rootsy Americana underpinnings, Thomasma's new solo CD, "Barefoot," kicks up bluegrass heels on some tracks (like "Ramblin' Man") and gets melancholy and introspective on others ("Second Chance"). Thomasma gets help on the new recording from some impressive West Michigan musicians and singers, from Nathan Kalish to Jen Wilson.”

“After a brief tour of the under-construction studio, meeting a couple of beautiful microphones and singer/songwriter Nicholas James Thomasma, we got down to business of discussing the new album. . .”

“History in the making. . . Nicholas James, one half of the locally played folk duo Blue Feather, is striking a solo flight in the music scene with his new musical venture, the Nicholas James Band.”