NIAYH / Press

“I’m not sure their music could ever be easily categorized, especially because it seems every instrument they use tries to create its own genre. Jazzy saxophone is backed by metal guitar, complemented with jungle groove drumming. Add youthful vocals, chugging bass and steady snare drum beats and you’ve got a pretty inspiring jam.”

Nicci Boots - Melophobe

“I wish I could better relay the tone they set with their music, but it really is something you’ve got to see to understand – imagine the complexity of Mars Volta, mixed with a jazz soul backbeat.”

““Considering Worth’s heartfelt and beautifully delivered vocals, Roody’s rock solid drumming, Kenton’s uncanny ability to find non-standard guitar lines and Lydian’s superb tastiness and technical ability, NIAYH is one hell of a force to be reckoned with. Their ability to write melodies rivals that of popular music’s heaviest hitters and the band’s choices for parts and arrangements sets them out way beyond the fold of scores of independent artists trying to make it.””

Trevor Harden, President, RockOm.net - RockOm.net

““NIAYH's groovadelic sound is straight heart-to-heart with a snap crackle and pop that treats the ear in a blend of acoustic and electric synergy. Brilliantly poetic lyrics set on a dazzling musical palette. They get outside the box of Planet Earth.””

Scott Mathews, Music Producer (The Beach Boys, David Bowie, Johnny Cash) - Personal Quote