nexhymn / Press

"This is death metal in its most brutal form. No fancy guitar licks or melodies. Just plain in your face aggression"

"If you want an album that displays pure talent without a whole lot of technology, Black Horizon hits home" 4/5

" Black Horizon one of the best EP release of the year so far."

"Get ready to be blasted with ferocious drumming, killer riffs and deep growling." 75/100

"a great album of extreme death metal, able to open a human body in two to extract an organ at a time until the last beat of the heart" 7.5/10

"Blistering Blackened Death with a Female Vocalist the could peel the paint off a wall"

"There is a definite old school US death metal vibe going on here ,as this is a gnarly little bastard that I enjoyed tremendously." 7/10

"A great debut material with good mix of old and new wave Death Metal elements. The sound is awesome with the additional female voice." 7/10

"Fans of brutal Death Metal should definitely go after this one" 8/10

"every track is superb, its death metal how it is supposed to be played at its finest calibre" 8/10

"Black Horizon is a surprising independent gem that probably won't remain buried in the underground for too long" 8.5/10

“NEXHYMN surprise me with solid, intense riffs. There’s something here for any Death Metal fan. I encourage you all to keep an eye out for them!”

“NEXHYMN is a band that do it well enough combining pure aggression and sleek songwriting. 6/10”

“Black Horizon CD deserves an investigation and Nexhymn a close attention as they grow into what one suspects will be a formidable and striking band.”

"Black Horizon is an album that showcases various influences and abilities, but it does not rely on any one of them to be the anchor for the album" 4/5

"Black Horizon, is as impressive as effective. Holly's vocal work is simply spectacular" 8.5/10

"The second that album opener "Decaying Monument" blasts out of the speakers, you know you are in for some absolutely intense death metal" 7.5/10

"There is no way you could not compare NEXHYMN and their style of death metal to the savagery and destruction of warfare."3.5/5

"I could begin anywhere on the album and be discussing a brutal piece of performance that certainly continues to define the essence of death metal"4/5

"the band explores an effective level of dynamics in each track that they never feel backed into a corner."7/10

"Nexhymn are a very great sounding blackened death metal band with a grindcore edge"