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“Tom, New York Jazz Octet is deep! The stuff I like to hear! Will get played often! Thank you! Great music! Best, Jerry Gordon Serenade to a Cuckoo WPRB 103.3 FM, Princeton University Fridays 11 am - 2 pm Live Stream at WPRB.com ”

Jerry Gordon - WPRB 103.3 FM

“ Thomas, About this new Bill Warfield release "A Window That Shows Me The Moon"…in a word….remarkable!!! Looking forward. --------------------------------------------------- Ron J. Pelletier Gallery 41 PO Box 8415; Berkeley, CA 94707 Jazz from Gallery 41 - Check Our Broadcast Schedule Evening Jazz / KCSM-FM91 ”

Ron J. Pelletier - Evening Jazz / KCSM-FM91

“ Thank you for sending this at my recent request. It is indeed remarkable and I'll enjoy using on my program. Jack Hopke WWNO, New Orleans ”

Jack Hopke - WWNO, New Orleans

“Thomas, Very cool release. So many bop/straight-ahead albums have been made, and so few have the tight-but-loose sound of this one. Thanks, Greg November 27, 2012 Bill Warfield / The Bumpkin Grows a Pumpkin / A Window That Shows Me The Moon / Planet Arts Full show: http://www.letscoolone.org/playlists/lco20121127.htm -- Greg Rickard Let's Cool One 6543 La Manga Drive Dallas, TX 75248-2943 ”

“Gary Walker – WBGO – Newark, N.J. Hey Tom- This is a real hip release. On air at WBGO as of 11/27/12 Best, Gary ”

Gary Walker - WBGO - Newark, N.J.

"Pablos Story" .... The most impressionistic piece of all, Liebman's "Pablo's Story," arranged by trumpeter Bill Warfield, unfolded like a flamenco suite or folk tale. Juris began it, his nylon-string acoustic guitar evoking a Spanish countryside before taking on a flamenco rhythm. The horns, in fanfares and rising crescendos, conjured up scenes of dancing and bullfights, Liebman riding on top with swirling, skittering soprano sax runs. After a heraldic climax, soprano sax cascaded down over a coda of decrescendos, the horns fading as flamenco guitar arose again in the background. .... .. George Kanzler, Newark Star Ledger, September, 2002

George Kanzler - Newark Star Ledger

"A Faceless Place" ...If you're getting the impression this ensemble has a big, powerful, contemporary sound, you're right. Bill Warfield's band can't wait to hit you right between the eyes and ears and the power doesn't shut down until the final bar of the final track. But the best part is it's not without purpose. There is passion in this music as well, more than enough for two albums...(on)"The Three Marias" Warfield's arrangement highlights the entire band as it deftly moves in and out of different moods. Excellent dynamics and rhythmic sparks help make this arrangement work as a fresh take on a memorable tune..."A Faceless Place" creates the impression of life in the digital age as it moves at an often deafening, always breakneck pace...Bill Warfield's passionate commitment to this contemporary style is balanced by a keen sense of history, an important element of any visionary work. Steve Jankowski, Jazz Improv Magazine, May, 2006

Steve Jankowski - Jazz Improv Magazine

"Cowboy Jazz" There was a telling moment between movements of trumpeter Bill Warfield's expansive, four-part serial piece, "Cowboy Jazz," based on a duet Warfield did several years ago with his Lehigh University colleague, pianist Eugene Albulescu. The Baker Hall audience at Lehigh's Zoellner Arts Center, who braved bitter temperatures and snow squalls on a Sunday afternoon, weren't certain whether to clap between movements as they might at a jazz gig, or remain silent, as polite classical concertgoers should. About half decided to clap, but both choices were, in a sense, correct. Such was the ranging musical geography of the Warfield piece: modern classical music flirting with atonality, carefully constructed jazz and a topping of episodic Latin brass at the end. More importantly, Warfield offered a work that transcends the limits of category and genre without sounding overly academic or arcane. As the piece unfolded, there were multiple points of entry for the audience to consider.

Tim Blangger - The Morning Call