New World Sinner / Press

“This new EP has the unmistakable New World Sinner sound, but has greatly moved passed that awkward, “We’re a band! Let’s make a record!” stage that every band goes through. They have played a ton of gigs since that first EP and really grew together. That growth is reflected in EP 2.0. It still has that gritty sound and that slightly southern groove that shows the obvious Pantera influence on the band as a whole. I wrote a review for EP 1.0 back in 2009, and I said that the EP was packed with mosh tunes and the same holds true with EP 2.0. The guitars have a heavy, crushing sound with enough solo to not be boring without being pretentious.”

“This band is some serious metal, filled with brutal breakdowns and pinched harmonics. Their vocalist was hilarious, and pulled the audiences attention with his antics. This band was set apart from the others because they brought a FULL stage lighting setup, and had the strobe lights blaring. New World Sinner puts on a sick show.”

“I'm listening to EP 1.0 by New World Sinner right now and had to say a few words. Brutal! The addition of Lacy Hepner of Monday with a Bullet to the first track? WOW! Kicks you in the face from the get go! It just doesn't stop! The perfect mosh tunes!”

“I was initially impressed with their riffing, songwriting and overall musicianship.When placing their songs and musicianship into the context of their live show I really felt the energy of this quirtet's material.New World Sinner proved to be even better in a live situation.Hit link for full review.”

“New World Sinner (Hard Core) Metal band based out of Eugene, Oregon plays progressive Death Metal/Thrash. If you're looking for a good and very technical Death Metal type of show, check these guys out.”

“N.W.S. puts on an aggressive fast paced stage performance that can entertain any metal head.”