The Colourphonics / Press

“This release by The Colourphonics is an interesting and eclectic collaboration of songs that shows off a group of talented musicians who aren’t afraid to take a walk on the wild side. No surprise given their influences include artists as varied in style as ABBA and ZZ Top[...] The music on this album includes blends of rock, funk, fusion, blues, reggae, jazz and latin. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. [..]‘My Daydream’ for me is the highlight of the album, it is immediately a lot less full than the other tracks on the record, which isn’t a slight on the other songs, but sometimes less can be more and in my opinion, for all the smoke and mirrors one can incorporate to razz up a song, there is nothing more powerful than simple melodies, utilising space and knowing what to leave out rather than put in. This track achieves that. It’s simple and suits the lyrics perfectly.”

“These Australians mixes a lot of genres into one big hodgepodge of musical love. The aim was to a live sound on this album to create, so they played everything simultaneously. The three "Sunset" - numbers are even fully after the other. They succeed admirably in their aims. Although they sometimes rough sound, rock songs, from cheerful to melancholic vary, sturdy pan out. Some numbers sometimes sound rather funky. Support a section of bladder gives just add strength. Certainly not a bad album! Silver, (5/7).”

“[..]singer Miranda Maz has a beautiful soulful voice.[..]She sings about someone's daydream, and it is delicious and easy listening song. [..] The number Underwater I also have to mention, because it's been years since I've heard a wah-wah like this. Also, that singer is again in great stride and in the final stretch of the track even in the strong voice.”

“Listen for instance to the (almost) instrumental triptych 'Sunset', which is nothing less than a combination of jazz, fusion and Latin, together with a considerable contribution of an entire horn section where New Cool Collective would be jealous. Music with the typical Chicago vibe. "Find a Home 'is an easy listening jazz track with a nice sax solo, while' This Is Not An Exit" the only up tempo of the CD. Closing "Underwater" is a really dark jazz song. Especially since it is sung, the song is not dark and mysterious of Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, but the atmosphere of the German masters of doom jazz or approached. The female vocals of Miranda Maz, a woman with a good voice. In the smooth opener "Looking Back" it changes the song with guitarist Corey, [..] sings with much feeling. [..]The Colourphonics is an experimental band that moves mostly in jazz and fusion in a corner [..] I find it personally a pretty good picture ... Score: 74/100”

“The plan of this band was to create an image to what you feel at a live concert is listening. That is also what you think when listening to "Looking Back At It All," a wild funky seeming chaos including the solos that you do not normally put on your album. The band cites Frank Zappa not without the spiritual father of the band. I bet he would be proud of them though. Good Within You "is more like a slick kind of reggae / ska song number with polished sound and a thumping basloopje underneath. With "My Daydream" We also have an injection of soulful music and a singer with power and great feel, but knows her story to tell. The old organ sounds can not miss on this album. Something stronger seems to be succeeding, such as 'Sunset'. Nice loose again 'Haze Blossom', where the jazz side of the band should go away for a while. That gives a sultry and sexy piece of music with gesoleer. For Zappa fans, [..] is just a sign that his spirit lives on.”

"The Colourphonics" is an album successful. It shows an overall multi-faceted, in which the active part of the guests is not far short of the official members. The address on all rides with various currents of Rock and Jazz sometimes he manages to combine, sometimes merging, sometimes confronting. [..] audacious [..] interesting and varied. [..] influences include Rock-Jazz American Blood, Sweat & Tears and Chicago, the eclecticism of Frank Zappa, Jazz-Rock English Ian Carr & Nucleus, more than a touch of Rhythm & Blues Brian Auger and, to a lesser extent, the jazz-rock of Miles Davis. The interpretation is brilliant. The guitar holds a leading position. Rock or Jazzy, harsh or warm, slow or fast, or rhythmic solo, he always manages to attract attention. He recalls Frank Zappa and Terry Kath (Chicago). From the third track, the group never leaves a high standard. Well promoted, "My Daydream" and "Underwater" could triumph in the charts.

“This is another new release from our sister label and will appeal to people who enjoy material like the more up beat Little River Band and songs like "25 or 6 to 4" from Chicago. Make sure to check out the tune "This is not an exit"”