New Terminus / Press

“New Terminus turn out big, booming, occasionally ambitious excursions into classic pop-rock territory, evoking that 1970s post-Beatles era when all the bands they deeply influenced blended that sound with the more expansive, if slicker, FM radio trends of the times. The Atlanta quartet’s new long-player, Red Giant, definitely grows on you with repeated listens.”

“The variety of ideas, and quality of execution, makes me think this is a band whose members spend just as much time talking about and listening to records as they do rehearsing. And it sounds like they do more than their fair share of both. The familiar elements on Development are born of what is clearly a love of the experiences, reflections, and inspirations that make creativity—musical or otherwise—lucrative. It sounds familiar because, like the records this band draws from, this EP is worth listening to. This is not the kind of band that is going to take over the indie world, but I think there are more than enough fans of guitar-driven pop to ensure this band finds the audience they deserve. At least I hope so, because I want to hear much more from New Terminus.”

“[New Terminus has been] doing things on their own DIY terms and steadily building their fan base with a dynamic mix of guitar-driven indie rock and infectious power pop. Development...features four catchy tunes brimming with chiming guitars and crisp vocal melodies. “Where We Meet” is probably my favorite of the bunch.”

“Their accessible sound finds it’s strength in lush vocals, catchy hooks, and memorable guitar riffs. Among the band’s new singles, “Ancient Photograph” stands out as a high-energy, post-punk gem of a melody with vocal styling reminiscent of Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie), while “It Seems Obscene” is a more laid-back ride on pretty guitar work and a captivating storyline.”