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Jonathan Walden is a prophetic psalmist whose heart is after the King of Kings. After hearing the sounds of Heaven while playing his guitar, which was confirmed that very day by Bob Jones in 2007, Jonathan has been pursuing his own style of worship. This unique worship is best described by Doug Addison who states: “Just as in the time of the early Vineyard, things are shifting once again over worship music. Now there is a very strong presence of God coming when we declare who we are “in Him.” These are called declarations or decrees and the songs often have the words “I” or “we” in them. Don’t mistake this new sound and movement as being self-centered. It is very Christ and Heaven-centered as it powerfully brings God’s presence on Earth as it is in Heaven. This new sound coming from Heaven right now is declaration-based. As we agree with Heaven’s sound and declare who we are, watch as a powerful anointing comes enabling us to be all God created us to be!”

While driving home from Nashville after months of asking God what to do with the music he was writing, Jonathan heard God say: “You are to be a live musician, and if it gets recorded, GREAT!…and if it doesn’t get recorded, GREAT!” It was then that Jonathan understood that his music would be effectual “in the moment” as he sings a new song. At a recent conference in Birmingham, Doug Addison told Jonathan that the song he wrote for his ailing sister called “Song for Glenna” actually healed her when she listened to it. This is exactly what these songs are designed to do. It is Jonathan’s sincere hope that the music he is writing, and that you are hearing on this page will release things inside of you. The songs are prophetic in nature and release things in people causing them to see who they were created to be. As you listen, the songs will set off a whole chain reaction of events or times in your life and God will use these songs to transport you into new places of healing.

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Jonathan Walden - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
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New Sound Of Heaven
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