New Retro / Press

“If you have ever been to a concert/showcase where the artist tried his best to put on show simply with his voice and DJ you know that this can either go really well or really wrong. DJ sets are tricky depending on the artist and/or crowd and if you are like us, you appreciate live music, when it's done well. Over the course of starting this website, we have had the pleasure of attending many shows, with and without live bands. Last year at our first annual day party we had the opportunity to have New Retro as the house band, and not only did they do an amazing job, they left us wanting more. It's been almost a full year since they have released any completely new music, and we are more than excited to be able to share it with our readers. This song just makes you feel good. From the use of instruments to the vocals this is the perfect summer song! Our generation has forgotten what FUN music sounds like, what FEEL GOOD music sounds like.”

“Today's first track is a pure hip hop genius of a track called "Song About Singing" by Baltimore/Washington D.C. based band The New Retro. The vibe is laid back and oldschool mellow, with some excellent rhymes and a great flow. This also happens to be the first track from their upcoming debut LP.”