The New Old Cavalry / Press

"Taking turns on the mic rocking back and forth between tight, full band jams and round the horn picking parties, the New Old Cavalry did their job and did it well. They had their own cheering section of fans and well wishers, and by the end of their forty five minutes set of deftly interwoven tunes and that fan base had grown in size considerably, judging from the smiles, hoots and hollers at the end of each number."

“Sharing the stage with HBR will be Bloomington’s own New Old Cavalry. In a genre full of setting suns, they’re like a rising harvest moon–colorful, bright, and perfect for a night of heavy whiskey drinking. Their traditional bluegrass instrumentation and menagerie of covers nod to their many stylistic forebears, while fresh originals and deft improv put them firmly at the forefront of Indiana pickers. Check out the band’s self-released, self-titled debut album for a taste, and if you haven’t seen them live, do it. If you have, do it again.”

“The New Old Cavalry, a band making the trip all the way from Bloomington, Indiana, began the show with a set of up-tempo, traditional country and bluegrass tunes. Richly harmonized vocals complimented a toe-tapping and foot-stamping rhythm generated by the sounds of a guitar, a banjo, a double-bass, and a mandolin. The New Old Cavalry’s music was a natural fit to the rustic appeal of the Lafayette Brewing Company, and set the tone for the remainder of the night.”

“Saturday I got to witness some pure magic with New Old Cavalry... It was my first opportunity to see NOC, and I was blown away. They're truly the next Jamgrass project that people will be talking about.New Old Cavalry took the stage right on time, and were very professional the entire night. The band started off with some originals that sounded really damn good. They all seemed to be a perfect match for playing together. Experience, time, and songs will only make this band one of the hottest grass bands around.”

Joey Buttram - HiddenRelic.Net 5/20/10