New Mystery Girl / Press

"Crawl Through Your Hair is a concentrated blast of all killer, no filler garage rock ’n’ roll, explosively catchy, classic pop hooks and cool, confident swagger. At just under 20 minutes long, it flies by way too fast — you won’t even know what hit you. But you will be twitching for more.” — Richard Skanse, LoneStarMusicMagazine.com

Lone Star Music Magazine

“MACCA'S REZ RADIO "Favorites of 2010" "Sally's Rumble" New Mystery Girl/Twist City”

“KSYM - The Casbah "Best of 2010" #6 "Twist City" (New Mystery Girl)”


"BEAST OF 2010" #13 "Twist City" (New Mystery Girl)

"when the dust settles, Twist City spins with crunchy, roots-driven rock...Here's hoping New Mystery Girl doesn't stay a secret."

"...Flatt has mutated into a garage rock-cum-60's girl group with attitude singer, though she's her own Tin Pan Alley, writer of all twelve songs. Now I'm off to play "Sally's Ruble" a few more time. It's my Song of the Year (so far)."

John Conquest - 3rd Coast Music

"There's plenty here for roots aficionados to chew on - check the wallop ‘n' crunch of the title track, wherein Flatt purrs, growls and roars as if in acknowledgement of the CD's back sleeve manifesto "Passion, Lust, Adventure...". Come to think of it, that's a good summary of the music itself. She's your new mystery girl, at that."

"Twist City" lovingly captures that sense of mystery and fun that made the girl groups of the 60's such a groovy ball."

"From the runway rush of "Drop Dead Gorgeous" through the haunting, drop dead gorgeous closer, "Ocean & Moon," "Twist City" is a gas, gas, gas."

Richard Skanse - Texas Music